0.0 Contents
1.0     What is JTest?
2.0     Getting Started
3.0     Using Static Analysis
4.0     Gathering Metrics
5.0     Unit Test Generation
6.0     Resources
7.0     Troubleshooting
1.0 What is JTest?

JTest is a comprehensive automated testing tool that integrates static analysis, metrics, code coverage, unit test generation, and coding policy enforcement into a single platform. The idea is to combine all of the latter technologies into a single tool so that they can all be run at once. JTest employs a large database of known vulnerabilities that can be found in Java code, working with a variety of technologies (JSP, JDBC, etc). JTest is a customized version of the Eclipse IDE, so most of the project management work is performed with Eclipse features.

In this tutorial, we will be employing three main features of JTest: static analysis, metrics, and unit test generation.

Full acticle at http://agile.csc.ncsu.edu/SEMaterials/tutorials/jtest-security/
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