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Total Articles 125
125 Functional Why Functional and Performance Testing Should be Done Simultaneously?
132 Jan 12, 2015
This article explains the added benefits of the quality of the software product during various scenarios in the software testing life-cycle when both functional and non-functional are taken simultaneo...  
360 Aug 12, 2014
123 Functional How to Improve Functional Testing of a Mobile Application? image
956 May 21, 2014
There are no doubts that functional testing is one of the main parts of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. In order to execute it thoroughly it is wise to go be...  
122 Functional What is the difference between regression testing and retesting?
[Level:2]QA Leader / Manager / CQO
466 Apr 27, 2014
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExp-lorer4 Regression Testing: The purpose of regression testing is to confirm that a recent program or code changes has not adversely affect...  
121 Functional Regression Test Selection Techniques: 1 file
632 Dec 06, 2013
Regression testing is an important and expensive activity that is undertaken every time a program is modified to ensure that the modifications do not introduce new bugs into previously validated code...  
120 Functional Challenges for Functional Testing 2 file
[Level:0]Shankar K
494 Nov 22, 2013
Teams tasked with verifying the functionality of software applications face a mountain of challenges. While the pace of business requires increasing speed and agility from the testing process, applicatio...  
119 Functional Localization Functionality Testing Checklist 1 file
961 Sep 19, 2013
LocalizationFunction-ality Testing Checklist means of adapting computer software to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of a target market. Internationalization- is the process...  
118 Functional Installation testing check list 2 file
637 Sep 19, 2013
Installation testing is a kind of quality assurance work in the software industry that focuses on what customers will need to do to install and set up the new software successfully. The testing process ...  
117 Functional Functional Web Services Testing Tutorial
604 Aug 16, 2013
I was working teaching myself soapUI Few months back. I found this article extremely helpful. This Tutorial Talks about Why Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web services are becoming more and mor...  
116 Functional Sample Test Case file
590 Aug 16, 2013
This is real test case file of Unfortunately, the web site is gone. However, it is useful as example to practice writing test steps, precondition, description, test data, etc.  
115 Functional Functional Testing 8 file
971 Apr 09, 2013
Software applications are a critical aspect of keeping your day-to-day business operations running smoothly and efficiently. Software applications that don셳 function correctly put your business at risk, ...  
114 Functional Three challenges driving the future of functional testing 3 file
521 Mar 24, 2013
Teams tasked with verifying the functionality of software applications face a mountain of challenges. While the pace of business requires increasing speed and agility from the testing process, applications...  
113 Functional Desktop Application Testing Document 4
637 Mar 14, 2013
Window Desktop Application Testing Document Transcript 1. Window/Desktop Application Testing<br />Testing in general can be categorized into Windows Application Testing and Web Application testing. Windo...  
112 Functional Functional Testing...what it is 2 file
768 Jan 07, 2013
What do you test in Functional Testing? The prime objective of Functional testing is checking the functionalities of the software system. It mainly concentrates on - Mainline functions: Testing t...  
111 Functional Functional testing 2
1298 Sep 17, 2012
Functional testing: The objective of functional testing is to validate the software behavior against the business functionality documented in the software requirements and speci詮갷ations. Business functionality...  
110 Functional Real time question 1
723 Sep 16, 2012
If its a new application.The testing could be done on the following: 1) Test the areas where the application is very complex or lot of calculations involved 2)Test the application where the int...  
109 Functional XSS Injection Vulnerabilities
775 Aug 31, 2012
Cross Site Scripting Overview Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities are sometimes referred to XSS or CSS vulnerabilities. Typically XSS is preferred over the use of CSS. CSS typically refers to the Cas...  
108 Functional Testing for Sign up Page (Login Page) 4
9974 Aug 31, 2012
I will cover some major negative test cases to break the sign up page: 1) See the limit of username field. I mean the data type of this field in DB and the field size. Try adding more characters ...  
107 Functional Checklist for testing and reviewing SSIS packages
2930 Aug 31, 2012
I am sharing my own basic checklists which are already following in order to review packages. Checklist: Check if best practices have been followed: Best practices related to optimization/tuning/-design have...  
106 Functional Exploratory Software Testing 4 file
1153 Aug 24, 2012
If you want to learn more about Exploratory Software Testing then download this. 쏧셫 pretty pumped up about this work봧t셲 sane, it셲 new, and I, a normal human, can understand and use it withou...  
105 Functional 휂梳줞 B梳줠 V C梳줚 TI梳푇 CH梳짽 L특沼줟G 2 file
1129 Aug 03, 2012
Theo ISO 9000 th챙 쑧먤베m b梳즣 ch梳쩿 l튼沼즢g l횪 to횪n b沼 ho梳죜 휃沼셬g c처 k梳 ho梳죅h v횪 h沼 th沼몁g 휃튼沼즓 ti梳퓆 h횪nh trong h沼 th沼몁g ch梳쩿 l튼沼즢g v횪 휃튼沼즓 ch沼쯰g minh l횪 휃沼 m沼쯢 c梳쬷 thi梳퓍 휃沼 ...  
104 Functional Functional testing 2 file
1246 Aug 03, 2012
Contents 겕Introduction to functional testing 겕Functional testing techniques 겕Boundary Value testing 겕Equivalence Class testing 겕Special Value testing 겕Decision Tables  
103 Functional Introduction to Structured Query Language for Tester 4 file
1610 Jul 07, 2012
Introduction to Structured Query Language for Tester  
102 Functional 12 L沼쓎 khuy챗n Unit Testing image
2406 Feb 24, 2012
12 L沼쓎 khuy챗n Unit Testing 휃沼멼 v沼쌻 k沼 s튼 ph梳쬷 m沼걅 Unit Testing l횪 m沼셳 trong c찼c th횪nh ph梳쬷 ch챠nh c沼쬪 Agile Software Development. 휂튼沼즓 gi沼쌻 thi沼뇎 휃梳쬾 ti챗n b沼웙 Kent Beck, unit testin...  
101 Functional The Meaning of Functional Testing In Software Project. Part II 1 image
4669 Feb 01, 2012
Some traditional white-box testing techniques may also be adapted to conduct black-box testing, such as control-flow and data-flow testing for external functional units instead of for internal execution...  
100 Functional The Meaning of Functional Testing In Software Project. Part I image
4413 Feb 01, 2012
Functional testing examines the right handling of the external functions of software product, with the help of monitoring the program external behavior at the time of implementation. Software is t...  
99 Functional Special Value Testing / Adhoc Testing image
1771 Jan 23, 2012
It is the form of functional testing. Special value testing occurs when a tester uses his or her domain knowledge, experience with similar program and information about 쐓oft spots to dense test cas...  
98 Functional Black Box Testing Examples 4
2224 Jan 23, 2012
In this technique, we do not use the code to determine a test suite; rather, knowing the problem that we are trying to solve, we came up with four types of test data: Easy-to-compute data Typ...  
97 Functional Drawbacks of Functional Testing image
2057 Jan 23, 2012
What is testing? It is the process of comparing "what is" with "what ought to be". The process of operating a system or component under specified conditions, observing or recording the results and mak...  
96 Functional Functional testing tutorials and samples 1
1985 Jan 23, 2012
Functional testing tutorials and samples The Tutorials and Samples Galleries contain tutorials and samples that demonstrate creating, running, and maintaining functional test scripts. The Tutorials Gallery provid...  
95 Functional Wireless overview 3 file
1594 Dec 27, 2011
This is the overview for wireless network  
94 Functional Test Script Language Part-1 2
1659 Nov 26, 2011
Test Script Language Part-1 TSL: TSL stands for 쏷est Scripting Language.TSL is procedural language-similar to C programming language.TSL is having different catagory to perform different tasks.It has constr...  
93 Functional Types of TSL Functions
1511 Nov 26, 2011
Types of TSL Functions Types of TSL Functions Four basic types of Functions exist in Test Scripting Language. Analog functions Context Sensitive functions Customization functions Stan...  
92 Functional Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) testing file
1852 Nov 20, 2011
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style. Applications built using an SOA style deliver functionality as services that can be used or reused when building applications or inte...  
91 Functional Tips for BVT success image
1416 Sep 07, 2011
Tips for BVT success: 1) Spend considerable time writing BVT test cases scripts. 2) Log as much detailed info as possible to diagnose the BVT pass or fail result. This will help developer team to de...  
90 Functional What is Build Verification Testing (BVT) ? 1
2447 Sep 07, 2011
Build Verification Test is a set of tests run on every new build to verify that build is testable before it is released to test team for further testing. These test cases are core functionality t...  
89 Functional Testing of mobile applications 2
2203 Aug 16, 2011
Testing of mobile applications is significantly different from the standard approach of testing applications designed for use with personal computers, because of the large number of specific work, the de...  
88 Functional Regression Testing 2
1536 Aug 10, 2011
What is Regression Testing? If a piece of Software is modified for any reason testing needs to be done to ensure that it works as specified and that it has not negatively impacted any functionality t...  
87 Functional Tests of Share-point. First Steps file
1337 Aug 09, 2011
Starting to work with SharePoint셭m, one of the first voporsov, ask themselves: "What can we do?". Indeed, the draft contains two or three site collections, dozens of sites, dozens (even hundreds) of ...  
86 Functional How do you perform regression testing 2 file
2080 Aug 02, 2011
Document is attached with this article... How do you perform regression testing? 꺕 Regression Testing is carried out both manually and automation. The automatic tools are mainly used for the Regression Te...  
85 Functional Test Design technique file
1462 Jul 13, 2011
Test Design technique Important Terms: The test development process Test case specification, test design, test execution schedule, test procedure specification, test script, traceability. Categories of t...  
84 Functional Important Checklist for I18N and L10N Program
2004 May 17, 2011
Before you contact an L10N or I18N vendor, the following checklist may be useful to consider: Localization (L10N) What is the nature of the product that you plan to localize (e.g. communication, databas...  
83 Functional Put a Load on It: Combining Load and Functional Testing
1764 May 03, 2011
Two that got away Every tester and test manager with a few years experience lives with the memory of at least one important bug her testing didn't find. I think especially about two particular bugs...  
82 Functional Functional Testing Code Examples 3 file
1931 Mar 14, 2011
It illustrates how to setup a framework for testing a project using unittest with examples of both unit tests and functional tests.  
81 Functional State-based Testing is Functional Testing 1 file
1851 Mar 07, 2011
State based languages (e.g. UML statecharts) are widely used to model class behaviour. New challenge: extend our SXM based techniques to class testing. Gather empirical evidence about their effectiveness....  
80 Functional Regression testing 1
2414 Feb 28, 2011
REGRESSION TESTING Regression testing is a style of testing that focuses on retesting after changes are made. In traditional regression testing, we reuse the same tests (the regression tests). In r...  
79 Functional FunctionalTesting & Stress Testing 4
1531 Feb 28, 2011
FUNCTIONAL TESTING In this type of testing, the software is tested for the functional requirements. The tests are written in order to check if the application behaves as expected. Although f...  
78 Functional Web Application : Functional Testing Checklist 8 file
3792 Feb 16, 2011
77 Functional Software Regression Testing 3 file
1674 Dec 30, 2010
- What is Software Regression Testing? - Basic Software Regression Problems - Software Regression Testing Process - Regression Strategies for Traditional Software - Basic Solutions to Software Regression...  
76 Functional Functional Model Review Template 2 file
1730 Dec 29, 2010
template for functional model review In the box next to the question, place a where the answer is yes and a where the answer is no. Enter comments in the sections below each question. 1. Is ...  
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