Starting to work with SharePoint셭m, one of the first voporsov, ask themselves: "What can we do?". Indeed, the draft contains two or three site collections, dozens of sites, dozens (even hundreds) of web desk, designed for thousands of users, it셲 hard not to get lost. In this case, as usual, time to deal with all this is not, and should test now. While surfing through endless expanses of the Internet is unlikely to bring the desired result. Of course, you will find a lot of manuals, but they are designed primarily for either developers or users, but not for the testers. I hope at least a little to fix this situation will help the material. Above all, it will be useful for those just beginning to familiarize themselves with SharePoint셭m.

Pre-apologize for not fully / properly translated terms. I just have not turned language called Content Type - the type of material or Web Part - a web part. Yes, in fact, very few of you called Content or Test Case.

1.Share Point As Is 

2. Site Columns

3. Site Content Types 

4. Libraries and Lists

5. Page Layouts and Design 

6. Site Templates

7. Navigation 

8. Web Parts

9. Permissions 


11. Integration 

12. Solution Deployment

13.Post Scrip tum

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