Metrics for Quality Assurance

According to international standard ISO 14598:

Metric - this is a quantitative scale and method that can be used for measurement.

From like to add that the introduction and use of metrics is needed to improve control over the development process, and in particular on the testing process, which we will consider further.

The purpose of control testing is to obtain feedback and visualization of the testing process. Necessary to control the information collected (both manual and automatic) and used to assess the status and decision-making, such as coating (for example, coverage of the requirements or test code) or exit criteria (for example, the criteria for the testing). Metrics can also be used to assess the progress of planned activities and development budget

Creation, use and analysis of metrics

In our view, for clarity, it makes sense to group metrics by type of entity involved in quality assurance and software testing, namely:

  1. Metrics on test cases
  2. Metrics for bugs / defects
  3. Metrics by task

For more detail each of them please download below file...

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