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Total Articles 272
272 Web Test Free Web Load Testing Services image
94 Nov 10, 2014
The software development trend that shifts the target platform from the desktop to web, cloud and mobile applications has fostered the development of load testing services on the web. It is an obvi...  
271 Web Test How to test Web-Based Applications
[Level:20]Sky Driver
150 Oct 07, 2014
What is a web based applicationA web based application is an application which can be accessed and used over the network. i.e. internet, intranet or extranets. Internet is the worldwide collecti...  
270 Web Test Web application testing: A systematic literature review file
69 Sep 24, 2014
Web application testing: A systematic literature review  
269 Web Test Website testing attentions part 2
153 Sep 17, 2014
Web Testing Checklist. 1) Functionality Testing 2) Usability testing 3) Interface testing 4) Compatibility testing 5) Performance testing 6) Security testing 1) Functionality Testing: Test for - all the...  
268 Web Test Website testing attentions 1
130 Sep 16, 2014
Web sites are essentially client/server applications - with web servers and 'browser' clients. Consideration should be given to the interactions between html pages, web services, encrypted communicatio...  
267 Web Test How to Provide Sufficient Test Platform Coverage? image
170 Jul 07, 2014
In order to make testing activities more efficient one has to involve as many test platform configurations as possible in web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. But it is unf...  
266 Web Test How to Test a Web Site 3 imagefile
527 Jan 16, 2014
265 Web Test Web Testing By Adithya N. 2 file
464 Jan 04, 2014
Making a web site does not end with putting all the media and software together. Actually, web site work never ends. When all the design is done, you have to test the site first before sending i...  
264 Web Test Why Load Testing Is Essential for Web Applications? 1 image
416 Nov 27, 2013
Mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing are different types of testing activities and each type has its peculiarities. Web applications are usually meant to work with many customers in vario...  
263 Web Test Expert Methods for Testing and Managing Web Applications 1 file
446 Sep 06, 2013
web site testing techniques  
262 Web Test Core CSS 2 file
419 Aug 22, 2013
Just in case you셶e not read Core CSS: Part I, I셪l briefly review the purpose of a CSS selector. A selector in a style sheet signals the browser to find matches within those markup (HTML, XHT...  
261 Web Test Core CSS 1 file
431 Aug 22, 2013
Just in case you셶e not read Core CSS: Part I, I셪l briefly review the purpose of a CSS selector. A selector in a style sheet signals the browser to find matches within those markup (HTML, XHT...  
260 Web Test Core HTML 1 file
404 Aug 22, 2013
HTML and XHTML are the foundation of all web development. HTML is used as the graphical user interface in client-side programs written in JavaScript. Server-side languages like PHP and Java also rece...  
259 Web Test How to Test Word Wide Web Sites? 2 image
558 Jul 24, 2013
In the rapidly changing web-based business environment, it is very important for organizations to test their web sites and web applications. Web site testing should ensure that the web services usual ...  
258 Web Test plan Test +Tc for website ( my capstone project) 7 file
[Level:6]dung xinh
709 Apr 17, 2013
Plan test + test case for website my capstone project 5.1.1 Purpose This document supports the following objectives: - Identify existing project information and the software components...  
257 Web Test web based testing 1 file
789 Mar 31, 2013
web based application testing 읃雅럚eb佯붺뵪葉뗥틣쉪役뗨캊 鵝쒑 Hung Nguyen 瑥묋 lebk  
256 Web Test With the Help of Software Testing Problems Can be Evaded 4
562 Mar 28, 2013
Quality Assurance and Testing: Problems that Can Be Evaded What is the main quality of a person who works at the software testing company? Every professional who works at the software testing company ...  
255 Web Test Selenium IDE 3 file
438 Mar 15, 2013
Getting started with selenium IDE  
254 Web Test Selenium 2 - Introduction 2 file
432 Mar 15, 2013
A summary of the requirements to work with Selenium  
253 Web Test website testing Checklist 1 file
703 Feb 19, 2013
Whether load requirements have been estimated as per user requirements or not? Whether application is able to withstand the peak loads or not? Whether application is able to accept large amount of d...  
252 Web Test Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Standalone Edition User Guide 2 file
533 Jan 23, 2013
sharepoint document usd for certification and how to use it Table of contents Disclaimers ii Welcome to the Microsoft짰 Office SharePoint짰 Designer 2007 Training ii System Requirements ii Download and ...  
251 Web Test Web based testing for beginner 1 file
687 Jan 23, 2013
Find the attachment of web based testing, which is very much useful for beginner What is meant by Manual Testing Principles? Software testing is an extremely creative and intellectually challenging ta...  
250 Web Test C찼c c척ng c沼 ki沼긩 th沼 t沼 휃沼셬g c찼c 沼쯰g d沼쩸g web 2 file
743 Jan 10, 2013
T챙m hi沼긳 c찼c c척ng c沼 ki沼긩 th沼 t沼 휃沼셬g c찼c 沼쯰g d沼쩸g web  
249 Web Test SOA Web Service 2
557 Jan 04, 2013
What is SOA? Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing software in the form of interoperable services. Notes: SOA is architecture f...  
248 Web Test Testing Service Oriented Architecture Based Web Applications file
433 Dec 18, 2012
Testing approaches 1. Black box testing from a user셲 perspective 2. Black box testing from a services perspective (a kind of unit testing) 3. Black box testing from a user and services perspectives. ...  
247 Web Test UMTS Protocols and Protocol Testing file
929 Dec 14, 2012
Electromagnetic waves were first discovered as a communication medium at the end of the 19th century. The first systems offering mobile telephone service (car phone) were introduced in the late 1940s ...  
246 Web Test Testing Service Oriented Architecture Based Web Applications 2 file
451 Dec 04, 2012
Testing approaches 1. Black box testing from a user셲 perspective 2. Black box testing from a services perspective (a kind of unit testing) 3. Black box testing from a user and services perspectives. ...  
245 Web Test Web Application Testing Discussion 2 image
674 Oct 31, 2012
To conduct expedient software testing you have to operate with some important information about the software testing project. It is impossible to estimate without exact criteria, and it is impossible ...  
244 Web Test web cookie test 3 file
592 Oct 09, 2012
web cookie test  
243 Web Test Analysis and testing of Web applications paper 2 file
677 Sep 18, 2012
The economic relevance of Web applications increases the importance of controlling and improving their quality. Moreover, the new available technologies for their development allow the insertion of...  
242 Web Test Testing Strategy for website 2 file
617 Sep 17, 2012
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 An Overview 2 1.2 Scope 2 2 TESTING METHODOLOGIES 3 2.1 GUI Testing 3 2.1.1 GUI Verification 3 2.1.2 Field Level Validation 3 2.1.3 Global Level Validation 4 2.1.4 Consi...  
241 Web Test Browser Compatability Testing 2 file
667 Sep 07, 2012
Newsletter-1: Browser Compatibility Testing Recently, I had to learn how to effectively test a web-based application across multiple popular browsers. Then I started to read various websites/blogs of Lea...  
240 Web Test SEO (search engine optimization) 1 file
1014 Aug 10, 2012
This document first began as an effort to help teams within Google, but we thought it'd be just as useful to webmasters that are new to the topic of search engine optimization and wish to improve th...  
239 Web Test TESTING A WEB SITE 16 file
2811 Jul 31, 2012
TESTING WEBSITETestingAWebSi-te.pdf Overview............-....................-....................-...... 3 Research Notes...............-....................-................. 3 Web Testing Challenges..........-.................  
238 Web Test CSS Tutorial file
557 Jul 20, 2012
CSS Tutorial  
237 Web Test CSS Tutorial 2 file
714 Jul 13, 2012
CSS is used to control the style of a web document in a simple and easy way. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This tutorial gives complete understanding on CSS  
236 Web Test introduction to web testing 3 file
816 Jul 07, 2012
Web testing is the name given to software testing that focuses on web applications. Complete testing of a web-based system before going live can help address issues before the system is revealed to the...  
235 Web Test Web Testing: Complete guide on testing web applications 4
1081 Jul 06, 2012
In my previous post I have outlined points to be considered while testing web applications. Here we will see some more details on web application testing with web testing test cases. Let me tell...  
234 Web Test Web services: Benefits, challenges, and a unique, visual development solution 2 file
741 Jul 03, 2012
Executive Summary 3 Web services benefits 7 Web services development challenges 8 Graphical WSDL creation and editing 11 Visual Web services implementation 15 SOAP creation and debugging 18 Conclusio...  
233 Web Test BROWSER STATS FROM 2002 TO 2012 : 3 file
756 Jun 14, 2012
2012 Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari April 18.3 % 35.8 % 38.3 % 4.5 % March 18.9 % 36.3 % 37.3 % 4.4 %...  
1700 Jun 14, 2012
Digit Number Card Value Multiplied By Equals Sum of the digits 1 5 1 5 5 2 2 2 4 4 3 1 1 1 1 4 0 2 0 0 5 9 1 9 9 6 8 2 16 7 7 7 1 7 7 8 6 2 12 3 9 5 1 5 5 10 4 2 8 8 11 3 1 ...  
231 Web Test Address Verification System (AVS) Checking For credit and debit cards. 2
931 Jun 13, 2012
Address Verification System (AVS) Checking For credit and debit cards. BY SEAN CHRISTIAN The Address Verification System (AVS) is a service provided by credit card Issuers intended to authent...  
846 Jun 12, 2012
MULTI BROWSER TESTING 1) Check for the application behavior in various browsers like (IE,Mozilla,chrome,s-afari and opera). 2) Check for GUI in the multi browsers. 3) Observe the dialog box for th...  
229 Web Test Check list for website testing 10 file
1086 Jun 07, 2012
Please find the checklists to test the website. Test Carried out Expected 1. Functionality 1.1 Links Internal Links Should be present Exte...  
228 Web Test web checklist 7
1191 Apr 26, 2012
Web Checklist 1. [THEMATIC_CONSISTENCY-] Ensure that content provided by accessing a URI yields a thematically coherent experience when accessed from different devices. 2. [CAPABILITIES] Exploit d...  
227 Web Test API testing 3 file
1093 Apr 24, 2012
Introduction Testing Category Mytest Testing Tool  
226 Web Test Dynamic voltage scaling in multitier web servers with end-to-end delay control file
668 Apr 24, 2012
The energy and cooling costs of Web server farms are among their main financial expenditures. This paper explores the benefits of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) for power management in server farms. U...  
225 Web Test Web Testing file
853 Apr 24, 2012
Content evaluated at both syntactic and semantic levels Function tested to uncover lack of conformance to requirements Structure is assessed to ensure proper content and function are delivered Usabil...  
224 Web Test Cloud Testing 8 file
1156 Apr 11, 2012
The impact of the cloud on testing practices has grown with the cloud셲 growing presence in the IT space. Testing practices are now dealing with several aspects of the cloud simultaneously -- three aspects...  
223 Web Test How to evaluate Website quality image
1935 Mar 29, 2012
Evaluate Website Quality From time to time someone request a quick look of the website quality. Our expert judgment may be inadequate; we must prop up it with several pages information. How to write such pape...  
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