Making a web site does not end with putting all the media and software together.
Actually, web site work never ends. When all the design is done, you have to test the site
first before sending it to the World Wide Web for the world to see. There is site
management software that can do this for you. These software can help reconnect
graphics that may have been accidentally moved, change the name of a file and re-link it
and so many other things.
Aside from the site management software, you also have to the quality of your website.
Your site has to be tested, fixed, retested and fully documented. If any there’s any
software running on your website (which you most probably will), this has to be tested.
Some of the things that have to be checked for quality assurance are multiple browser
compatibility, download time of graphics, Flash components, or streaming media,
hardware requirements, memory size requirements, connection speed of user, and load
(number of users your website can accommodate). There are many companies now that
are developing software specifically for quality assurance. But this software is expensive.
Usually, e-commerce sites are load tested as they have a great deal of software running
on their sites.