Testing your site

Once you have completed the formation of the site’s content should not rush to reupload it to the public, you should first check how your site looks like from a user perspective, that is to test the site. However, such checks should be carried out not only during the initial creation of the site, but after making all (or at least significant) changes in the content of the site. And for such testing is necessary to have adequate funds.

Link Checker

Another test to be undertaken to vykadyvaniya site for all to see, is to check the availability of broken links. This check you can also arrange with the local server and tools available on the "Validate links on the site."

Check the site in different browsers

Once you have launched the site on a local server, you can see how to display pages in your browser. But this raises another problem, which consists in the fact that you have installed one or two browsers, and users can "enter" the site from different browsers (there are more than 60). At the same time with different browsers may display the same page in different ways. It is therefore advisable to check how the site would look, if not all, at least in the most popular browsers. To learn how you can do and what means of doing so, tells the page "Check the site in different browsers" (but these checks do not have a local server).

Web Standards compliance

I believe that it is seldom a novice webmaster knows all of the requirements specification for HTML and style sheets CSS. Therefore, after the site layout it is desirable to test the extent to which you have completed these requirements. The word "preferably" is used here instead of the word "must" for the reason that
1) browsers do not always follow the standard requirements and
2) are able to display pages that do not meet the standards (the question of what in this case are made of distortion, while leaving behind the scenes).
But even if the browser successfully displays a page that does not meet standards, problems can occur when viewing a page the search engine robot. As reported in some sources, robots, search engines are much more demanding on the question of compliance standards and the pages are not indexed the page when it is executed with deviations from the requirements.
Check the page for standards compliance, you can use these valuable services:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • RSS and Atom
  • RSS, Atom, and KML

I must say that satisfy all the requirements (or more precisely - to eliminate all deficiencies noted by the validator) is very complicated and there are few sites in the network, satisfying all requirements. Therefore, some authors have expressed doubts that should by all means to achieve 100 percent compliance Web (see, for example, "Do I need HTML-validation.")

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