Compatibility and Portability testing checklist is a very powerful fact-gathering tool deployed to ensure that our new web application behaves as expected from Compatibility and Portability considerations.


Check Point


Check Points related to Compatibility and Portability - Audience


Has the audience been defined?


Is there a process for identifying the audience?


Is the process for identifying the audience current?


Is the process reviewed periodically?


Is there appropriate use of audience segmentation?


Is the application compatible with the audience experience level?


Where possible, has the audience readiness been ensured?


Are text version and/or upgrade links present?

Check Points related to Compatibility and Portability Testing Process


Does the testing process include appropriate verifications? (e.g., reviews, inspections and walkthroughs)


Is the testing environment compatible with the operating systems of the audience?


Does the testing process and environment legitimately simulate the real world?


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