Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance

Microsoft Patterns & Practices has a project called Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance that has been working on an Acceptance Testing eBook available as a PDF Download. The Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance Team released the August 4th CTP ( Draft ) of the eBook.

I only read about the first 10 pages, which talked about the Decision-Making Model and the Gating Model and their role in getting projects from concept to providing.

  • The Gating Model defines the overall stages of software development and the “gates” we must pass through on the journey.
  • The Decision Making Model describes how we decide whether or not we can go through a gate to the next stage and who makes the decision. It also defines the supporting roles that may help the decision maker gather the information need to make the decision.

It then starts to introduce the concept of acceptance testing, which is typically done by the customer or customer proxy which basically sits in-between development and deployment.

For me, acceptance testing is a fancy term for "done." Acceptance Testing essentially tells us when we can begin deployment and make something ready for use. Now obviously there is a lot to being "done" and it means more than just development, including that you are ready to maintain and support the system under test as well.