This guide is intended for anyone who is involved at any point in the process of making the decision about to what degree a software-intensive product meets the acceptance criteria of whoever commissioned its construction. Specifically, if: You are involved in making the decision of whether or not to accept the software as built. We call this the acceptance decision. You are involved in collecting data that the person making the acceptance decision requires to make that decision. We call this acceptance testing. You are involved in deciding whether or not the product is ready to be seen by the parties involved in 1 or 2. We call this the readiness decision. You are involved in collecting data that the person making the readiness decision requires to make that decision. We call this readiness assessment. You are involved in defining the expectations against which the readiness assessment or acceptance testing activities will be conducted. This is a combination of requirements gathering and test design. You are involved in managing any of these activities. This book describes the practices used by people in these roles. If any of the above describes your role you should find something of interest in this book.  The Gating Model (readiness vs acceptance) is described in more detail in Part I along with the actual Decision-Making Model and the roles people play within that model. Each decision is made based on data collected from a number of other roles within the project. This guide includes advice on how to conduct these data gathering activities which makes it of interest to anyone involved in these activities.
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