This book is aimed at experienced VBScript developers or experienced developers coming to VBScript for the first time from another programming or scripting language (including, of course, VB/VBA programmers).
This book is a reference work and not a tutorial—for example, we won't explain the concept of a For...Next loop; as an experienced developer, you already know this, so you don't want someone like us insulting your intelligence. But we will explain in detail how a For...Next loop works in VBScript, how it works in practice, what the alternatives to it are, how it can be used to your best advantage, and what pitfalls it has and how to get around them.
Although this book is not intended as a tutorial, we have provided in Part I, a concise introduction to the language that focuses not only on the general structure of the VBScript language, but on also its application in the four major environments in which it is used. If you're learning VBScript as a second language, the introduction combined with the reference is probably all that you'll need to get started.