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Total Articles 87
87 DB Test Ruby Best Practices 1 file
Jan 22, 2015
How do you write truly elegant code with Ruby? Ruby Best Practices is for programmers who want to use Ruby as experienced Rubyists do. Written by the developer of the Ruby project Prawn, this co...  
86 DB Test A Compelte guide to MS SQL 2008 1 file
Jul 29, 2014
A Compelte guide to MS SQL 2008 E-Book  
85 DB Test Steps to Install Oracle 10g on rhel5
Jul 24, 2014
Steps to Install Oracle 10g on rhel5  
84 DB Test Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals 1 file
Jul 24, 2014
Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals  
83 DB Test Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes imagefile
May 05, 2014
Performance problems are rarely "problems" per se. They are more often "crises" during which you're pressured for results by a manager standing outside your cubicle while your phone rings with queries from ...  
82 DB Test Test Plan and Test Strategy 2 file
Apr 21, 2014
It is a detailed testing document which describes the objectives (why), scope, resources, schedule of intended test activities, and approach to follow for validating the software/application- or build. Test p...  
81 DB Test oracle architecture file
Apr 04, 2014
Question: 1 What can you do with the DBMS_LOB package? A - Use the DBMS_LOB WRITE procedure to write data to a BFILE. B - Use the DBMS_LOB .BFILENAME function to locate an external BFI...  
80 DB Test Administration Oracle 10G 1 file
Dec 10, 2013
Objectifs du cours - Comprendre le fonctionnement du moteur Oracle 10G - Comprendre l셙rchitecture logique et physique d셵ne BD Oracle - Effectuer les t창ches d'administration de base - Administrer l...  
79 DB Test Microsoft SQL Server 2008: A Beginner's Guide 4 file
Oct 23, 2013
Learn to use all of the powerful features available in SQL Server 2008 quickly and easily. Microsoft SQL Server 2008: A Beginner's Guide explains the fundamentals of each topic alongside examples and...  
78 DB Test Oracle Database 10g : PL/SQL Fundamentals 2 file
Sep 07, 2013
This Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL Fundamentals Self-Study Course will help you become familiar with the procedural language to access Oracle database. You'll learn how to write and use anonymous PL/SQL blocks...  
77 DB Test Best Practices in SQL and PLSQL 2 file
Sep 07, 2013
Best Practices in SQL and PLSQL Chapter 01: Understanding Structured Project Life Cycle 1-30 Chapter 02: Overview of Database Architecture 1-13 Chapter 03: Overview of SQL Tuning 1-11 Chapter 04...  
76 DB Test Databases Demystified 4 file
Apr 08, 2013
Through clear language, step-by-step discussions, and quizzes at the end of each chapter, the author makes databases easy. Quickly learn the core skills needed to design, configure, manage, and manipulate databas...  
75 DB Test RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) - InfoSys 8 file
Apr 03, 2013
74 DB Test PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference 2 file
Oct 25, 2012
What's New in PL/SQL? 1 Overview of PL/SQL Understanding the Main Features of PL/SQL Block Structure Variables and Constants Cursors Cursor FOR Loops Cursor Variables Attributes Control Structures ...  
73 DB Test SQL 2012 Alwayson Part 1 file
Sep 19, 2012
The agenda for this talk is very straightforward. We will first examine how people do reporting workloads in common high-availability configurations. The value proposition of readable secondary, and then...  
72 DB Test SQL SERVER 2008 Interview Questions and Answers 6 1 file
May 18, 2012
Interview is very important event for any person. A good interview leads to good career if candidate is willing to learn. I always enjoy interview questions and answers series. This is my very hum...  
71 DB Test Data Mining the Web: Uncovering Patterns in Web Content, Structure, and Usage 2 file
Apr 08, 2012
This book introduces the reader to methods of data mining on the web, including uncovering patterns in web content (classification, clustering, language processing), structure (graphs, hubs, metrics), and u...  
70 DB Test Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional 1 file
Mar 30, 2012
This book, written by veteran Oracle database administrator Iggy Fernandez, a regular on the Oracle conference circuit and the editor of NoCOUG Journal, is a manageable introduction to key Oracle dat...  
69 DB Test The Data Warehouse Toolkit The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition) 1 file
Mar 26, 2012
The Data Warehouse Toolkit The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition) pdf  
68 DB Test Datawarehouse ETL Toolkit 4 file
Mar 26, 2012
The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit Practical Techniques for Extracting, Cleaning, Conforming and delivering data ebook  
67 DB Test MySQL Stored Procedure Programming file
Mar 19, 2012
The implementation of stored procedures in MySQL 5.0 a huge milestone -- one that is expected to lead to widespread enterprise adoption of the already extremely popular MySQL database. If you are s...  
66 DB Test Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer 1 file
[Level:12]Bisaya SQA
Feb 22, 2012
Chapter 1: Introduction to Query Optimization The SQL Server Query Optimizer is a cost-based optimizer. It analyzes a number of candidate execution plans for a given query, estimates the cost of eac...  
65 DB Test Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes 1 file
Dec 14, 2011
Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes provides a no-fluff, just-the-answers guide to building and managing MySQL databases. It is carefully organized and thoughtfully written to provide just the informati...  
64 DB Test Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming 2 file
Dec 02, 2011
Create dynamic client/server applications using PL/SQL and the comprehensive information contained in this authoritative volume. Expert Oracle insiders cover the features of PL/SQL, explain scripting ...  
63 DB Test Simply SQL 2 file
Nov 27, 2011
Packed with examples, Simply SQL is a step-by-step introduction to learning SQL. You'll discover how easy it is to use SQL to interact with best-practice, robust databases. Rather than bore you with...  
62 DB Test SQl resource 1 file
Nov 10, 2011
SQl resource  
61 DB Test Oracle 10g complete reference file
Aug 26, 2011
Get thorough coverage of Oracle Database 10g from the most comprehensive reference available, published by Oracle Press. With in-depth details on all the new features, this powerhouse resource provides ...  
60 DB Test Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE file
Aug 14, 2011
Apress - Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE.  
59 DB Test Beginning SQL Queries. 9 file
Aug 14, 2011
Apress - Beginning SQL Queries.  
58 DB Test Oracle DBA on Unix and Linux 2 file
Aug 12, 2011
Oracle DBA on Unix and Linux / Michael Wessler  
57 DB Test Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005 2 file
Jul 29, 2011
Anyone who interacts with today's modern databases needs to know SQL (Structured Query Language), the standard language for generating, manipulating, and retrieving database information. In recent years, ...  
56 DB Test C and Data Structures by Practice 1 file
Apr 18, 2011
C and Data Structures by Practice  
55 DB Test Gi沼쌻 thi沼뇎 v沼 Database Integrity Testing 2 file
[Level:1]Huy Vu
Mar 29, 2011
To횪n v梳퉚 d沼 li沼뇎 l횪:Vi沼놻 휃梳톞 ra c찼c quy t梳칌 trong m沼셳 c퉤 s沼 d沼 li沼뇎 nh梳켶 ki沼긩 tra c찼c gi찼 tr沼 c沼쬪 d沼 li沼뇎 tr튼沼쌵 khi 휃튼沼즓 l튼u tr沼 ph梳즜 휃梳즡 b梳즣 t챠nh ch챠nh x찼c v횪 h沼즤 l첵 b챗n...  
54 DB Test Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days 1 1 file
Feb 25, 2011
MySQL is the most widely installed open-source database. Approximately 3.5 million MySQL servers are in use and more than 45% of databases used on Linux worldwide are MySQL databases. Its latest versi...  
53 DB Test [Ebook] SQL Server 2008 Administration In Action 4 file
Dec 01, 2010
This book has two goals, and which of these applies to you depends on your background. For experienced DBAs, the goal is to introduce you to the new features of SQL Server 2008 that will improve...  
52 DB Test [Ebook] OCP Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL Exam Guide 3 file
Oct 22, 2010
Prepare to pass the OCP Introduction to Oracle9i SQL exam--a required exam for OCA/OCP DBA certification--using this Oracle Press study guide. You'll get complete coverage of all exam topics followed...  
51 DB Test [Ebook] Expert SQL server Development file
Oct 13, 2010
While building on the skills you already have, Expert SQL Server 2005 Development will help you become an even better developer by focusing on best practices and demonstrating how to design high...  
50 DB Test [Ebook] The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit 2 file
Oct 11, 2010
The single most authoritative guide on the most difficult phase of building a data warehouse The extract, transform, and load (ETL) phase of the data warehouse development life cycle is far and away the...  
49 DB Test [Ebook] MySQL Phrasebook: Essential Code and Commands 3 file
Oct 11, 2010
The MySQL Phrasebook is a pocket guide that is jam-packed with useful and essential code "phrases" for the MySQL developer's everyday use. Packed with practical solutions for tasks that the MySQL developer...  
48 DB Test [Ebook] Mastering Oracle SQL 1 file
Sep 08, 2010
Learn Oracle SQL , Best book for database testers how upgrade their knowledge in sql Preface Why We Wrote This Book What's New in Oracle SQL? Objectives of This Book Audience for This Book Pl...  
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