While building on the skills you already have, Expert SQL Server 2005 Development will help you become an even better developer by focusing on best practices and demonstrating how to design high뱎erformance, maintainable database applications.

This book starts by reintroducing the database as a integral part of the software development ecosystem. You셪l learn how to think about SQL Server development as you would any other software development. For example, there's no reason you can셳 architect and test database routines just as you would architect and test application code. And nothing should stop you from implementing the types of exception handling and security rules that are considered so important in other tiers, even if they are usually ignored in the database.

You셪l learn how to apply development methodologies like these to produce high뱏uality encryption and SQLCLR solutions. Furthermore, you셪l discover how to exploit a variety of tools that SQL Server offers in order to properly use dynamic SQL and to improve concurrency in your applications. Finally, you셪l become well versed in implementing spatial and temporal database designs, as well as approaching graph and hierarchy problems.

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