Understanding, using, and administrating an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) can be a daunting task, even with Oracle8, Oracle's new object-oriented RDBMS. This fact-filled book provides step-by-step coverage of Oracle8 architecture, managing database storage, security, backup, recovery and tuning, and optimization.

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Teach Yourself Oracle8 in 21 Days is a tutorial that will teach the reader the basics of using and administrating an Oracle database. This book focuses on using concrete examples to explain why things should be done in a certain way. The key topics are broken out by week below:Week One Overview of the Oracle8 Architecture; Network Computing Architecture (NCA); Installing Oracle; Planning the Database; How to Administer Users, and How to Manage Processes.Week Two Administering Logs, Control Files, Datafiles, and Tablespaces; Controlling Rolback Segments; Building Tables and Views; Using Indexes and Clusters; and Security.Week Three Effective Backup Techniques; Recovering the Database; Administering Oracle Replication; Tuning and Optimizing the Database; Administering the Oracle Web Server; and Advanced Oracle Options. - This hands-on tutorial teaches the basics of Oracle8 in a short period of time

- The book provides a step-by-step walk through of the Oracle8 architecture, managing database storage and database schema, security, backup and recovery and tuning and optimization.

- Oracle8 is Oracle's new object-oriented RDBMS to be released during the Summer of 1997.

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