Few peoplewould disagreewith the fact that building a large-scale, high-performance,
and scalable software system is a complex task. This is evidenced by the magnitude of
required up-front and ongoing 詮걆ancial costs and personnel commonly seen at every
large software development organization. Seeking effective, ef詮갷ient, and economical
approaches to developing large-scale software is of interest to the entire software
Regardless of its complexity and scope, every software development project is
driven by a few common factors:
It is required to be on schedule because of urgency to be 詮걊st to market in order
to gain a competitive edge.
It is required to be within budget under the pressure of showing pro詮걎 and return
on investment (ROI) as soon as possible.
It is required to provide customers with all major functionalities at a minimum.
And it is required to meet customer셲 expectations on performance and scala-
bility to be usable.
While management is responsible for providing suf詮갷ient budget to cover per-
sonnel, development, test infrastructure, and so on, we, the technical staff (developers,
quality assurance engineers, and performance engineers), are accountable for deliver-
ing the software product under development on schedule and within budget while
meeting high standards on performance and scalability.
However, it셲 not uncommon to see that performance and scalability are pushed
aside by the following higher priority activities:
Analyzing system functionality requirements
Deciding on the right architecture and design patterns
Choosing appropriate programming paradigms and ef詮갷ient development tools
Starting coding and delivering early builds that meet major functionality require-
ments as soon as possible
Implementing automated functionality test frameworks
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