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Visa Information

To enter Vietnam, foreigners need an entry visa which is usually issued at Vietnamese embassies and consulates abroad. Tourist visas can be applied for directly there. Do not forget to mention if you need a muti-entry visa.

As participants of a ASTA International Software Testing Conference 2012 Vietnam, you may apply for a business visa through the Vietnamese host. In this case, the local organizers of the conference should send your visa data to the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and apply for a visa approval for their foreign guests. Then the Ministry of Public Security will inform the relevant Vietnamese embassy or consulate of the approval by fax, and we will notify you of the date of this fax as well as an approval number. 

After receiving our information, you should contact with the relevant Vietnamese embassy or consulate to do the next step. In general, you have to fill some visa application form with an indication to your approval number along with the date of the corresponding fax, to submit your passport with enclosed photos, to pay some visa fee, etc.

For the application of business visas, we need the following information about each foreign participant and his/her accompanying persons as well:  Please sent below information to asta@vietnamesetestingboard.org

  • Full name 
  • Your e-mail address for confirmation 
  • Date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy) 
  • Place of birth 
  • Profession 
  • Passport number 
  • Date of issue (mm-dd-yyyy) 
  • Place of issue 
  • Expiry date (mm-dd-yyyy) 
  • Original nationality 
  • Present nationality 
  • Date of entry to Vietnam (mm-dd-yyyy or mm-yyyy) 
  • Point of entry 
  • How long to stay in Vietnam?
  • At what Vietnamese embassy or consulate do you want to collect your visa? *
    (see Vietnamese embassies and consulates of Vietnam at this link)
  • Name of your accompanying persons (each separated by a semicolon ";". Please repeat the submission of visa information for each accompanying person as doing with a normal participant. The list here only mentions the relationship)

Travel Information

 If you want to travel around Vietnam, some travel agencies are good and reasonable choices, because they
  • often organize cheap tours and provide a wide variety of services, and
  • have much experience to serve foreign guests.
More related information about Vietnam tourism can be found at  below Vietnam info page.
 If train is chosen for travelling, you are suggested not to carry large and hard luggages because of the absence of suitable places for them on Vietnamese trains. Moreover, you should keep the train ticket until the check out at the station gates.