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Hoa Sen University                                         Hoa Sen University

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Website: www.hoasen.edu.vn

Address2 Tan Vien, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi MInh, Vietnam

Phone: +84 8 3925 5063 , Fax: +84 8 3830 1878


Founded in 1991, Hoa Sen was the pioneering private institution in Vietnam to recognize and focus on the unique educational needs of building a reputation for excellence in vocational and technical education. In November 2006, Hoa Sen has officially become a University extending its educational offering to a four-year and master’s degree. Hoa Sen is centered on accessible quality learning, and internationally recognized qualifications backed by programs in partnership with universities from Belgium, France, United Kingdom and India. Students can major in subjects from Actuary, International Trade, Business Administration, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Fashion Design from the four facilities of Sciences & Technology – Economics & Commerce – Languages & Cultural Studies – Polytechnics.

While meeting the challenges of a growing population of 10,000 students, and fulfilling an ever evolving labor market via our Corporate Training center, Hoa Sen University is driven by an industry relevant curriculum with courses lectured in Vietnamese and English and with two internships requirement upon graduation. More than 90% of Hoa Sen graduates have found job placement for the past five consecutive years.