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Total Articles 2,008
Notice ISTQB Number of Certified (ISTQB vs CSTE vs CSQE) 103
85063 Feb 25, 2008
2008 Software Test [Bug Buster Challenge] - Catch Bugs and Bring home Valuable Prizes 1 imagefile
76 Jan 13, 2015
Hi guys, I've found a fun Bug Challenge that everyone can join and we can bring home some nice prizes: BUG BUSTER Challenge First prize: 쨌 1 Tablet 쨌 1 Free ticket HCMC STC Conference 2...  
2007 Certification The first Lee Copeland셲 training course in Vietnam
75 Jan 13, 2015
Hi everyone, I want to share the information of a good training course in Vietnam led by Lee Copeland, the Program Chair of STAR Conference: The Course of Testing Strategies You Don셳 Want to M...  
2006 Software Test Sample test case file
205 Dec 10, 2014
Here is another test case for Skype. Hope it helps someone who needs practice  
2005 Software Test Sample Test Case file
107 Dec 10, 2014
Here is a sample test case for BOA. Hope it helps someone who needs practice.  
2004 Software Test What is Functional Decomposition? image
[Level:25]Sky Driver
134 Nov 06, 2014
What is Functional Decomposition?Functional decomposition corresponds to the various functional relationships as how the original complex business function was developed. It mainly focusses on how the o...  
2003 Software Test What is a Functional Requirement?
[Level:25]Sky Driver
116 Nov 06, 2014
What is a Functional Requirement?A functional requirement document defines the functionality of a system or one of its subsystems. It also depends upon the type of software, expected users and the t...  
2002 Software Test What is Functional Testing? image
[Level:25]Sky Driver
136 Nov 06, 2014
What is Functional Testing?Functional Testing is a testing technique that is used to test the features/functionali-ty of the system or Software, should cover all the scenarios including failure paths and ...  
2001 Software Test What is an Automated Software Testing?
[Level:25]Sky Driver
194 Nov 04, 2014
What is an Automated Software Testing?Software Test automation makes use of specialized tools to control the execution of tests and compares the actual results against the expected result. Usually regression...  
2000 Software Test What is Good for Desktop Web Programs and Bad for Mobile Ones? image
195 Oct 28, 2014
Variety of computers is amazing nowadays. Only few years ago we could hardly imagine that almost everyone will have at least 2 computers: a desktop device and a smartphone or a tablet. Fast advancing of i...  
1999 Software Test Why is Localization Testing Important? image
157 Oct 28, 2014
Executing mobile application testing one should not forget about localization testing. Most of software products support several languages nowadays. Multilinguality sustains distribution of the application amon...  
1998 Software Test How to Perform Compatibility Testing of a Mobile Software Product? image
152 Oct 24, 2014
Performing mobile application testing as well as desktop testing and web site testing it is necessary to see how the tested system operates on various devices, platforms, with different software. Nowaday...  
1997 Software Test Why is First Impression of a Mobile Software Product Important? image
144 Oct 24, 2014
Software producers started to develop mobile software products relatively recently, several years ago, when tablets and smartphones appeared. Mobile applications have some distinctions from desktop applicati...  
1996 Software Test How to Create Software Acceptable for Popular Mobile Platforms? image
267 Oct 08, 2014
How to Create Software Acceptable for Popular Mobile Platforms?It is known that people get mobile applications from mobile software stores. Each popular mobile operation system has such store. It means ...  
1995 Software Test Website about Software Testing imagefile
197 Sep 26, 2014
HCMC Software Testing aims to promote best practices in software testing and inspire software testing career. We are doing this through community events and online resources sharing and viral. Sharing to ...  
1994 Software Test Thi梳퓍 k梳 test case trong ki沼긩 th沼 ph梳쬷 m沼걅 file
393 Aug 25, 2014
thiet ke test case trong kiem thu phan mem.doc  
1993 Software Test QC Dashboard Query for RTM
177 Aug 18, 2014
Hi, Currently I m trying to create a RTM. Now I want to export a report from QC 'Dashboard' which should display- 1. Requiremet ID 2. Requirement Name 3. Corresponding Test Case ID 4. Corresp...  
1992 Conference Where and how can I learn software testing techniques?
218 Aug 18, 2014
I want to learn how to build 쐒obust software that is designed to test itself. In other words, how do I implement automated tests in my software ( using java or groovy or c++ ). So I want to kn...  
1991 Software Test Difference between acceptance test and functional test?
1004 Aug 04, 2014
Hi, What is the real difference between acceptance tests and functional tests? What are the highlights or aims of each? Thanks  
1990 Software Test Inspections used in testing process?
[Level:25]Sky Driver
704 Aug 04, 2014
Hi Do you use inspections for testing your design-, requirements- or software-specifications in your testing process? Is there any interest of sharing my experiences with it? Thanks  
1989 ISTQB Agile Tester Certification by ISTQB 1
1482 Jul 23, 2014
Hello, I would like to know if anyone is taking up the newly included Agile certification by ISTQB. I have registered for the exam and need a preparation partner. I can provide valuable notes ...  
1988 ISTQB Network Testing?
[Level:25]Sky Driver
1532 Jul 15, 2014
Hi, Any member have a book about Netwok Testing? Thanks  
1987 Software Test CMMI Exam
3159 Jun 17, 2014
I would like to write CMMi basic level exam for Certification.can you give me the details about eligibility, market value, course details, certification details.  
1986 Software Test What is the difference between Performance testing and Performance engineering? 1
3168 Jun 17, 2014
What I know is this. In Performance testing, testing cycle includes requirement gathering, scripting, execution, result sharing and report generation. Performance Engineering is a step ahead of Perfor...  
1985 Software Test What is Difference Between Test Case, Test Scenario and Test Condition?
2223 Jun 17, 2014
What is Difference Between Test Case, Test Scenario and Test Condition?  
1984 Testing Tool monkey runner
1761 Jun 12, 2014
can anyone please help me how to use monkey runner am unable to understand the documents which are present  
1983 Software Test What is Ad Hoc Testing
1607 May 06, 2014
What exactly is Ad Hoc Testing? When Will you use Ad Hoc Testing ?Ad-hoc testing is an unscripted software testing method. Often, people confuse it with the exploratory, negative and monkey test...  
1982 Software Test Why Do You Like Testing? We Have 12 Reasons, See Where Do You Fit 1
2617 Apr 28, 2014
I am going to present list of points about why the QA person can like his/her job. Please read on and let yourself know, you fit in which category. Why the Tester likes his/her job and where do ...  
1981 Standard, ISO Any new international standard for Software Testing?
2125 Apr 10, 2014
Any new international standard for Software Testing?  
1980 Standard, ISO is ISO/IEC 21991 ready to be applied?
2298 Apr 10, 2014
is ISO/IEC 21991 ready to be applied?  
1979 Testing Tool IBM Rational Integration Tester
1409 Mar 31, 2014
Hi I need an urgent help for IBM RIT tool. Currently i am performing database stress/load testing using this RIT tool. I need help from an expert or anyone worked on it. Waiting for nice rep...  
1978 Testing Tool BI Concepts and Test Approach 2 file
[Level:5]Rajavardhan Reddy
1025 Mar 27, 2014
1. What is Business Intelligence? 2. What is a data warehouse? 3. Data warehouse modeling 4. EHS BI Data warehouse framework 5. Testing a Data warehouse 6. Test strategy 7. Tools used 8. Testing Types 9. Sample ETL De...  
1977 Software Test WAN/ LAN Testing
968 Mar 14, 2014
Hi I have been asked to write a Test Strategy for a new company WAN and LAN, I am hoping someone can share a document or advise on how to achieve this. Thanks  
1976 Software Test point of sale testing
2367 Mar 06, 2014
Any Experience in Retail POint of sale testing and also sales tax testing in POint of sale system, any information will be helpful thanks in advance  
1975 Testing Tool scenario tool 2
850 Feb 24, 2014
Anyone knows any tool for end to end scenario generation?  
1974 Software Test Writing Test Cases from SRS Document (with Sample Test Cases for Our Live Project) 2
1406 Feb 20, 2014
We hope all of you are working along with this series. In today셲 article, we will work on understanding what test cases are, how to create them and write few sample test cases for our live project...  
1973 Software Test Load Modeling 1
774 Feb 19, 2014
1.1 Load Modeling A Load Model is a tool used to determine the number of Virtual users required for simulating the given number of transactions. Production statistics are used as input to determine th...  
1972 Software Test rpt
694 Feb 19, 2014
Rational Performance Tester is the product of Rational IBM which is used for multi-user load testing and performance testing of Web Application Scalability. In Pitney Bowes Inc. RPT 7.0.2 used to ...  
1971 Software Test How to Test
747 Feb 08, 2014
Testing can be done in many ways, a generic description is 쐔hings are done, observations are made. Sometimes you do simple tests, sometimes complex; execution ranges from automated unit tests in developers...  
1970 Software Test Misconceptions about testing
601 Feb 08, 2014
How do we determine how much testing is enough? Stopping heuristics might help here. No matter how simple the system is we are building, there are simply too many variables to test everything. So testin...  
1969 ISTQB ISTQB Consultant wanted 1
1224 Jan 26, 2014
Hello, Our Company is looking for a Consultant with the ISTQB Certification to work remotely for a project in Central America. The project will last around 3 months with 40 hours a month. Candida...  
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