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Total Articles 1,989
Notice ISTQB Number of Certified (ISTQB vs CSTE vs CSQE) 103
57800 Feb 25, 2008
1989 ISTQB Agile Tester Certification by ISTQB 1
77 Jul 23, 2014
Hello, I would like to know if anyone is taking up the newly included Agile certification by ISTQB. I have registered for the exam and need a preparation partner. I can provide valuable notes ...  
1988 ISTQB Network Testing?
[Level:13]Sky Driver
76 Jul 15, 2014
Hi, Any member have a book about Netwok Testing? Thanks  
1987 Software Test CMMI Exam
544 Jun 17, 2014
I would like to write CMMi basic level exam for Certification.can you give me the details about eligibility, market value, course details, certification details.  
1986 Software Test What is the difference between Performance testing and Performance engineering? 1
726 Jun 17, 2014
What I know is this. In Performance testing, testing cycle includes requirement gathering, scripting, execution, result sharing and report generation. Performance Engineering is a step ahead of Perfor...  
1985 Software Test What is Difference Between Test Case, Test Scenario and Test Condition?
420 Jun 17, 2014
What is Difference Between Test Case, Test Scenario and Test Condition?  
1984 Testing Tool monkey runner
334 Jun 12, 2014
can anyone please help me how to use monkey runner am unable to understand the documents which are present  
1983 Software Test What is Ad Hoc Testing
520 May 06, 2014
What exactly is Ad Hoc Testing? When Will you use Ad Hoc Testing ?Ad-hoc testing is an unscripted software testing method. Often, people confuse it with the exploratory, negative and monkey test...  
1982 Software Test Why Do You Like Testing? We Have 12 Reasons, See Where Do You Fit
799 Apr 28, 2014
I am going to present list of points about why the QA person can like his/her job. Please read on and let yourself know, you fit in which category. Why the Tester likes his/her job and where do ...  
1981 Standard, ISO Any new international standard for Software Testing?
529 Apr 10, 2014
Any new international standard for Software Testing?  
1980 Standard, ISO is ISO/IEC 21991 ready to be applied?
574 Apr 10, 2014
is ISO/IEC 21991 ready to be applied?  
1979 Testing Tool IBM Rational Integration Tester
490 Mar 31, 2014
Hi I need an urgent help for IBM RIT tool. Currently i am performing database stress/load testing using this RIT tool. I need help from an expert or anyone worked on it. Waiting for nice rep...  
1978 Testing Tool BI Concepts and Test Approach 2 file
[Level:5]Rajavardhan Reddy
414 Mar 27, 2014
1. What is Business Intelligence? 2. What is a data warehouse? 3. Data warehouse modeling 4. EHS BI Data warehouse framework 5. Testing a Data warehouse 6. Test strategy 7. Tools used 8. Testing Types 9. Sample ETL De...  
1977 Software Test WAN/ LAN Testing
440 Mar 14, 2014
Hi I have been asked to write a Test Strategy for a new company WAN and LAN, I am hoping someone can share a document or advise on how to achieve this. Thanks  
1976 Software Test point of sale testing
1376 Mar 06, 2014
Any Experience in Retail POint of sale testing and also sales tax testing in POint of sale system, any information will be helpful thanks in advance  
1975 Testing Tool scenario tool 2
361 Feb 24, 2014
Anyone knows any tool for end to end scenario generation?  
1974 Software Test Writing Test Cases from SRS Document (with Sample Test Cases for Our Live Project) 2
587 Feb 20, 2014
We hope all of you are working along with this series. In today셲 article, we will work on understanding what test cases are, how to create them and write few sample test cases for our live project...  
1973 Software Test Load Modeling 1
312 Feb 19, 2014
1.1 Load Modeling A Load Model is a tool used to determine the number of Virtual users required for simulating the given number of transactions. Production statistics are used as input to determine th...  
1972 Software Test rpt
299 Feb 19, 2014
Rational Performance Tester is the product of Rational IBM which is used for multi-user load testing and performance testing of Web Application Scalability. In Pitney Bowes Inc. RPT 7.0.2 used to ...  
1971 Software Test How to Test
264 Feb 08, 2014
Testing can be done in many ways, a generic description is 쐔hings are done, observations are made. Sometimes you do simple tests, sometimes complex; execution ranges from automated unit tests in developers...  
1970 Software Test Misconceptions about testing
194 Feb 08, 2014
How do we determine how much testing is enough? Stopping heuristics might help here. No matter how simple the system is we are building, there are simply too many variables to test everything. So testin...  
1969 ISTQB ISTQB Consultant wanted 1
727 Jan 26, 2014
Hello, Our Company is looking for a Consultant with the ISTQB Certification to work remotely for a project in Central America. The project will last around 3 months with 40 hours a month. Candida...  
1968 Certification IREB Consultant wanted
356 Jan 26, 2014
Hello Our company is looking for a Consultant with the IREB Certification to work remotely for a project in Central America. The project will last around 3 months and will be 40 hours a month. C...  
1967 Software Test Real handsets vs simulators 1
278 Jan 08, 2014
Real handsets vs simulators  
1966 Software Test Performance Testing Paradigm 3
[Level:0]Shankar K
315 Jan 03, 2014
Performance Testing Paradigm  
1965 Book Do you have 'Tab into mobile application testing" of Jonathan kohn ebook?
789 Dec 02, 2013
Do you have this book? Pls share it with me. Thanks!  
1964 Book Book about iOS apps testing. 1
698 Nov 26, 2013
Dear alls, I must to study about iOS app testing or mobile apps testing and I do not have any knowledge about it. Do you know any good book about it? Pls share with me. Thanks you very much. :)  
1963 Software Test Emulator
332 Nov 22, 2013
Any one please suggest Emulator for Android all os version testing in Mobile and Tab  
1962 QTP What you do if your QTP crashes or freezes frequently? 1
902 Nov 08, 2013
Hello Guys, Here I am again to tell you one important tips for QTP. Many QTP users faces problem of QTP crashes or freezes frequently during testing. Here are the some tips to how to avoid the ...  
1961 QTP What you do if QTP does not record on any application?
1127 Nov 07, 2013
Hello Guys, Here I am again to tell you one important tips for QTP which are generally faced by all the QTP testers. Many tester faces this problem as their QTP does not record on any applicat...  
1960 QTP How to view result in case of incompatibility error? 2
855 Oct 30, 2013
Hi Guys, Here I am again to introduce you one new concept in QTP. Many peoples are facing incompatibility error in QTP, but now you can also view result in case of incompatibility error. Visit...  
1959 Testing Tool UFT v11.5 download and install instructions 2
944 Oct 25, 2013
Hi Guys, Here I am again to tell you some information related to QTP. Now you can download QTP upgraded version UFT v11.5 trial version from HP website. But many peoples are facing problem in do...  
1958 Software Test Is Software Tester셲 Job Really a Low-profile Job? 3
716 Oct 21, 2013
Though the aspiration for being a successful IT professional is strong, we assume that the word 쁈T professional is synonymous with 쁃eveloper. While being a developer is great and has immense poten...  
1957 Software Test What's the difference between 쐔esting and 쐑uality assurance? 3
660 Oct 03, 2013
Quality Assurance - Prevention of faults by inspecting & testing the process Quality Control - Detection of faults by inspecting & testing the product  
1956 Software Test Difference Between Quality Assurance, Software Testing & Quality Control 1
899 Oct 03, 2013
Quality Assurance (QA): - QA is planned and systematic way to evaluate quality of process used to produce a quality product. - The goal of a QA is to provide assurance that a product is meeting customer...  
1955 Software Test What Is The Difference Between Quality Assurance, Quality Control, And Testing? 1
675 Oct 03, 2013
Many people and organizations are confused about the difference between quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing. They are closely related, but they are different concepts. Since all ...  
1954 Testing Tool selenium code to set up internet explorer driver 1
516 Sep 27, 2013
selenium code to set up internet explorer driver  
1953 Software Test testing tools 1
396 Sep 23, 2013
this about tools  
1952 QTP QTP Question 2
342 Sep 18, 2013
Explain QTP Testing process ? The QTP testing process consists of 6 main phases: 1) Create your test plan: Prior to automating there should be a detailed description of the test including the exa...  
1951 QTP QTP 1
344 Sep 18, 2013
Tell me briefly about QTP? If you are going for a position related to QTP, you could expect this as the first question in the interview. The first step on the part of an interviewer is to make ...  
1950 Software Test Firefox profiling
449 Sep 12, 2013
Profiling is just a way to tell the script that "hey use this profile only" which gives you the flexibility to give some special settings for that profile like1. "proxy settings enable/disable ".2. don...  
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