Ch沼쯢 Danh: QA/System Tester
M찾 vi沼놻 l횪m: QA201109
h척ng tin c척ng ty
T챗n c척ng ty: Utiba PTE LTD T梳죍 HCM
H沼 s퉤 c척ng ty: Utiba is a world leading software Development Company specializing in mobile communications, micro payment & finance services. Utiba solutions are currently used by over 2 million merchants and 10 million people every day across the globe. We are able to help the lower socio-economic strata through the implementation of micro prepaid top-up, micro domestic remittance, micro international remittance, micro finance and other innovative solutions. 
These solutions help poor families help themselves and help bridge the digital divide. Utiba has also pioneered Person to Person Payments using SMS and International remittance from Mobile to Mobile, changing the face of micro payment distribution globally and paving the way for the mobile wallet. Opportunities, progression, projects and challenges are plentiful at Utiba.   
As a result of our growth and success, we are looking for QA/System Testers to be a part of our young, dynamic and progressive international company.
S沼 nh창n vi챗n: 100-499

M척 t梳 c척ng vi沼놻
Ch沼쯢 Danh: QA/System Tester
Ng횪nh ngh沼: CNTT - Ph梳쬷 m沼걅
Qu梳즢 l첵 ch梳쩿 l튼沼즢g (QA/ QC)
N퉤i l횪m vi沼놻: H沼 Ch챠 Minh
Lo梳죍 c척ng vi沼놻: To횪n th沼쓎 gian c沼 휃沼땙h
C梳쩺 b梳춃: Nh창n vi챗n
L튼퉤ng: Th튼퉤ng l튼沼즢g
Tu沼뷼: Tr챗n 24
Gi沼쌻 t챠nh: Nam/N沼

M척 t梳 chi ti梳퓍 c척ng vi沼놻:
- Understand project requirements, communicate with team members, project manger, and/or clients to clarify requirements
- Implement, document and maintain test processes to ensure there are standard  rules and guidelines in place that govern the way Utiba SW must be tested. 
- Create and maintain test plan.
- Write and execute test cases, perform system and stress tests.
- Report and verify bugs
- Provide feedback/ propose enhancement to improve product셲 quality
- Implement, document and maintain test systems to ensure that the systems where problems are being reproduced are as similar as possible to production environments and stable.
- Adhere to strict delivery schedules.

Kinh nghi沼뇅/K沼 n훱ng
Tr챙nh 휃沼 h沼뛠 v梳쩸: Cao 휃梳쿻g
M沼쯢 kinh nghi沼뇅: 1-2 n훱m kinh nghi沼뇅

Kinh nghi沼뇅/K沼 n훱ng chi ti梳퓍: - Relevant tertiary education or proven industry, commercial experience.
- At least 2-year experience in software testing.
- Diligent, careful, meticulous and detail-oriented
- Good knowledge on software development life cycle (SDLC), testing theory, and product defect life cycle. 
- Experience in manual and GUI testing; functional, system, stress, load test
- Experience in Bugzilla, Jira
- Experience in working with relational database either Oracle or PostgreSQL. Able to write SQL statements
- Experience in working with Linux environments: Fedora, Red Hat, or Centos
- Good written and verbal communication skills in English
- Experience in using automatic test tools, such as Quick Test Pro, Load Runner, , is a plus
- Experience in load testing is a strong plus.
- Perl & shell scripting experience are advantages
- Familiar with XML, HTML, SOAP/Webservice, and Ant/Maven

Th척ng tin li챗n h沼
C찼ch li챗n h沼: G沼춊 k챔m File Tr沼켧 ti梳퓈
Nh梳춏 h沼 s퉤 沼쯰g vi챗n b梳켷g ng척n ng沼: Ti梳퓆g Anh
M척 t梳: - Please send your application in English to the email address:
T챗n li챗n h沼: HR Department
휂沼땇 ch沼: Floor 4th, 150 Bis Le Thi Hong Gam, Dist 1 , H沼 Ch챠 Minh , Viet Nam
Email li챗n h沼:
Ngu沼쓎 li챗n h沼: CPG Team - Mr. Hoan Nguyen