Fairfax Imaging Vietnam One Member Co. Ltd
S퉤 l튼沼즓 v沼 c척ng ty:
Fairfax Imaging a leader in automated DMS (Document Management System) provides state-of-the-art integration services and software solutions for our clients. Key area of technologies include .NET framework, data driven and rule based workflow, hardware and software automated data extraction both structured and unstructured, image enhancement, high-speed scanning, inbound and outbound faxing, database, networking and many other technologies. We develop genuinely innovative ideas and solutions and look to exploit these new ideas in various fields.
Looking to expand our business in Vietnam, we are looking for the qualified candidate for the position of Intermediate / Senior Software Engineer.
Company size: 40+
Quy m척 c척ng ty:
Chi Ti梳퓍 C척ng Vi沼놻
Ch沼쯢 danh:
QC Engineer/ Tester
M척 t梳 C척ng vi沼놻:

We are looking for up to 2 QC Engineers, who will be responsible for the overall quality of a software DMS projects (Document Management System) using business object concepts, structure and unstructured form identification and recognition technologies (OCR, ICR, CAR, LAR, Mark Sense, Barcode, and MICR) with a focus on extensive test procedures and tools. He/she should be familiar with functional and non-functional testing of software, interoperability between software components or client /server components. Responsibilities will include creating and maintaining test cases, setup and maintain test environment, execute test cases, report bugs, and retest bugs.

*** For immediate consideration, please e-mail your resume, including salary requirements.

Y챗u C梳쬾 C척ng Vi沼놻
Y챗u c梳쬾 chung:
S沼 n훱m kinh nghi沼뇅: 1 n훱m
C梳쩺 b梳춃 t沼멼 thi沼긳: Nh창n vi챗n
B梳켷g c梳쩺 t沼멼 thi沼긳: C沼 nh창n

- Bachelor셲 degree in Computer Science or related field required
- At least 1 year of working experience in Software Quality Control
- Priority for candidates who has experience with DMS (Document Management System) and structural and unstructured form recognition technologies.
- Experience in testing windows service and .NET application
- Experience in programming language especially C# and C++ are bonus
- Experience in using testing tools such as N-Unit, SOATest, QTP, LoadRunner are bonus
- Good knowledge of testing methodologies and testing process models
- Good written and verbal communication skills in English.
- Aptitude to learn quickly and work well within a team environment
- Commitment to the team work and the company
K沼 n훱ng
K沼 n훱ng b梳칣 bu沼셛:
- English
   Trung c梳쩺
Th척ng Tin Chung
Lo梳죍 h챙nh l횪m vi沼놻:
To횪n th沼쓎 gian c沼 휃沼땙h
N퉤i l횪m vi沼놻:
H沼 Ch챠 Minh
Ng횪nh ngh沼:
CNTT-Ph梳쬷 m沼걅
C梳쩺 b梳춃 t沼멼 thi沼긳:
Nh창n vi챗n
M沼쯢 l튼퉤ng:
Th沼뢠 thu梳춏
Th척ng Tin Li챗n H沼
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Fairfax Imaging Vietnam One Member Co. Ltd
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Room 7.9, eTown 1, 364 Cong Hoa St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC
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Ti梳퓆g Anh