DEK Technologies

DEK Technologies is developing tomorrow셲 technology for the Telecom industry. DEK Technologies has been heavily involved in development of 2G and 3G platform solutions for one of the world leading developer of Telecom solutions. With offices situated in Melbourne, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden and Rome, Italy, DEK Technologies are now building a new office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The assignments in HCMC will be advanced System design and Verification of Telecom platforms, Mobile as well as Fixed.

DEK has recently won major contracts bringing advanced Telecom R&D services to the Vietnam market on a long-term basis.

Core Values
Client focused committed
Open and Honest communication
Pride in our competence innovative
Team spirit people company

System design and architecture
Software development of real time solutions
Embedded Software development
Integration and Verification

Test Expert for Routing/Switching Software
  • You will work with testing of tomorrows features in mobile and fixed Telecom solutions
  • You will be become an excellent Tester of Mobile and Core Networks
  • You will acquire state of the art knowledge for mobile networks
  • You will work with highly skilled testers from Australia
  • Possibility for training in Melbourne, Australia, for a period of up to 6 months

Bachelor Degree or Masters Degree in Telecommunication and/or Electronics
3 or more years experience in testing of Telecommunication solutions like ATM, SS7 or IP
2 or more years experience from testing of routing and switching products in the Tele- and Datacom field
2 or more years experience of Test Automation
Test automation: Tk/Tcl, Perl, C/C++, Unix shell, Erlang
Target platforms: Linux, OSE
Function Test, System Test and/or Capacity Test
Configuration of test system
Good communication English, good communication skills
Results Orientation (Focusing on results)

*** Benefits:
Possible overseas training courses for up to 6 months
Salary based on your experience and ability
Friendly working environment
Open communication environment
Opportunities to develop your career
Opportunities for long-term overseas assignments
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DEK Technologies
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