Ch沼쯢 Danh: Software Developer / Team Leader / Project Manager

Th척ng tin c척ng ty
T챗n c척ng ty: Defide Company Limited
H沼 s퉤 c척ng ty: Address: Unit703, Royal Centre, 235 Nguyen Van Cu Boulevard
"Design for communication, Communication for Asia" as the company셲 brand statement, defide inc. focuses on Communication System Design which serves as a bridge between information and people, information and society.We contribute to our client companies success in their ICT business by providing WEB business professional services including business consulting, marketing analysis, proposal of business strategies, system development, UI design and data management etc. at one stop.Since most of our clients are the top companies in their industries, our work environment provide wonderful opportunities for you to improve business skills.
We believe our company as well as our individual staff can grow together by sharing company셲 philosophy and work together.
Defide Company Limited is a foreign investment company 100 percent owned by defide inc. which has two office locations in Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan.
Official Site: Japanese:  
Facebook Japanese:깈깢궍깈젶凉뤶폏鹽/165050690226930 
S沼 nh창n vi챗n: 10-24
Website c척ng ty:

- Competitive Salary: $350 $2000 net, depending on skill sets and experience
- 13th month salary
- Full benefits for employees according to the Vietnam Labor Laws: social and health insurance
- Modern and unique office facilities located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
- A Professional and friendly working environment
- Opportunity to work with staff in Japan
- Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM
- Holidays based on Vietnamese labor law + paid vacations
- Christmas Holiday and Birthday Holiday
- Company Trip
- Best Employee award
- Team building activities
- Technical training support
- Language (Japanese) training support
- Salay calculation by US Dollar

M척 t梳 c척ng vi沼놻
Ch沼쯢 Danh: Software Developer / Team Leader / Project Manager
Ng횪nh ngh沼: CNTT - Ph梳쬷 m沼걅
N퉤i l횪m vi沼놻: H沼 Ch챠 Minh
Lo梳죍 c척ng vi沼놻: To횪n th沼쓎 gian c沼 휃沼땙h
C梳쩺 b梳춃: K沼 thu梳춗 vi챗n/K沼 s튼
L튼퉤ng: 350USD-2,000USD
Tu沼뷼: D튼沼쌻 40
Gi沼쌻 t챠nh: Nam/N沼

M척 t梳 chi ti梳퓍 c척ng vi沼놻:
- Develop Web Applications using Java, PHP, ColdFusion or .Net
- Develop mobile information devices such as iPad and Android etc.
- RIA (Rich Internet Application) development using Ajax/Flash/Flex
- Writing program documentation
- Perform other duties as assigned.
- Manage teams and projects for TL and PM positions

Kinh nghi沼뇅/K沼 n훱ng
Tr챙nh 휃沼 h沼뛠 v梳쩸: C沼 nh창n
M沼쯢 kinh nghi沼뇅: 2-5 n훱m kinh nghi沼뇅

Kinh nghi沼뇅/K沼 n훱ng chi ti梳퓍: Required:
- B.A. or higher degrees in computer science, IT related fields or equivalent degrees or have equivalent skill sets
- Experiences in development of web based applications
- Experiences in at least one of the following;  
=> Developing WEB communication systems  
=> System development using Java, PHP, ColdFusion or .Net
=> RIA (Rich Internet Application) development using Ajax/Flash/Flex  
=> Development utilizing HTML5 (CSS3, JavaScript)  
=> Development of mobile information devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android
- Experience in team management / project management. (For TL/PM position)
- Familiar with project management tools such as MS Project. (For TL/PM position)
- Strong leadership (For TL/PM position)
- Ability to read/write/communicate in Japanese or English

- Communication Skills
- Working well in a team or with a group of people (cooperativeness)
- Sense of responsibilities, discipline, and independency
- Experiences working in foreign companies based in Japan or English speaking countries
- Experiences in development with open source languages for Web Applications

Th척ng tin li챗n h沼
C찼ch li챗n h沼: N沼셮 Tr沼켧 ti梳퓈
Nh梳춏 h沼 s퉤 沼쯰g vi챗n b梳켷g ng척n ng沼: Ti梳퓆g Anh
M척 t梳:
- Please send your application by online, email or direct to:
T챗n li챗n h沼: Defide Company Limited
휂沼땇 ch沼: 235 Nguyen Van Cu Blvd. District 1 , H沼 Ch챠 Minh , Viet Nam
휂i沼뇆 tho梳죍 li챗n l梳죅: +84-8-3833-3805
Email li챗n h沼:
Ngu沼쓎 li챗n h沼: Ms. Phuong