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Renewtek is an Australian owned and operated company committed to developing skills in new technologies.
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2 Ngô Đức Kế, Q1
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     The tester is concerned with writing and executing tests which ensure that project
requirements are met. They are required to write and execute tests as well as
maintain detailed information on the outcomes of their testing. They use a variety of
tools including, but not limited to, Excel, Jira, and Selinium. They can also be
responsible for user training, documentation and feedback.
A tester must be able to read and understand requirements documents as well as be
able to understand and take direction from a client representitive, project manager
or technical lead. They therefore must be able to read and speak English at a level
adequate to support these tasks.

1. Primary Objective:

The daily routine of a testers is focussed writing and executing tests. Projects can
range from a few weeks to a few years and a tester is expected to contribute
consistently to the success of the project throughout its lifetime. A tester is further
responsible for informing their line manager when they become aware of risks to the
projects success.

2. Reporting: Technical Lead or Project Manager.

3. Functions and Responsibilitieso Writing test plans and scripts for functional and non-functional requirements;o Executing test scripts.
o Writing automated tests.
o Managing automated test suites.
o Estimating time to write and execute tests;
o Clarifying requirements;
o Analysing problems and making recommendations;
o Presenting test plans in written or oral reports;
o Helping project managers or technical leads with change-management
o Writing and testing new software programs;
o Investigating new technologies;
o Creating technical documentation;
o Writing operational documentation with technical authors;
o Constantly updating technical knowledge and skills by attending in-house
and/or external courses, reading manuals and accessing new applications;
o Problem-solving and thinking laterally as part of a team, or individually, to
meet the needs of the project.

Job Requirement
Years of experience: 2 year(s)
Minimum career level: Experienced (Non-Manager)
Minimum education level: Bachelors

* Technical Skills
The primary technical skills required by a tester are:
· Writing and maintaining test scripts and plans
· Writing and maintaining automated test suites using Selenium or other
automation tools
· Manging defect logs using Jira
· Using Scrumworks to keep a record of defect closures
· Understanding of Agile development methodologies

** Competencies
(Refer to Renewtek Competency Framework)
Competency - Level
Teamwork: 1
Integrity: 1
Interpersonal effectiveness: 1
Problem solving: 1
Team leadership: 1
Innovation: 1
Initiative: 1
Results orientation: 1
Risk management: 1
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