Sunrise Software Solutions
Just before the dawn of Vietnam becoming part of the World Trade Organization, Sunrise Software Solutions (S3) was founded in mid 2007. Along with the integration of Vietnam into the global market came along an opportunity for the young and ambitious team at S3 to demonstrate the competence of Vietnamese engineers to the global customers.

In a fast changing world the success of organizations will depend a lot on the ability and agility. S3 is a mid sized company yet big enough to provide a stable partnership to our customers in these uncertain times. S3 offers experienced and dedicated experts combined with a modern organization and a strong management foundation. "Link to grow" is our motto: bringing the best services and satisfaction to employees, customers and partners.

57 Bach Dang, Ward.2, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC
job description

Network/Application Automation Tester
1. Execute the test manually to understand the features that need to be automated
2. Define the details of test cases for the features that will be automated
3. Develop the test scripts to automate for the defined test cases at task #2
4. Review/rework and run the test for the developed test scripts
5. Update/merge the code to respository system and report the results to team leader and customer

1. At least 2 years experience in network, application automation test/development

2. Knowing one of python/java/c++/ruby fairly well, experience working in Python/Selenium is preferred
[regexp, data structure, algorithms, module/object-oriented design/programming]

3. Knowledge of http/https, html/xml/xpath, css

4. Knowledge of DHCP, AD, Radius, Linux operation

5. Willing to work for automation test project and commit long term career with S3

6. Willing to work onsite for serveral months at US or Taiwan

- Learn newest technologies in Wireless network industry
- Well pay job and oppotunities to work onsite at US and Taiwan
- Open & friendly working enviroment
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