About Selenium
1. Origin of Selenium
2. About Selenium
a. What is selenium
b. Advantage & Disadvantage of selenium
c. variants of selenium
3. General Concepts of Functional testing
4. General Concepts of Compatibility testing
Installation instruction of Selenium IDE
Mozilla Firefox – prerequisites
Download the selenium IDE
Firebug -Addon
Tutorial on Selenium IDE
1. Introduction
2. Sample test
3. How to use firebug
4. Advantages and Disadvantages of SeleniumIDE
Installation instruction of Selenium Core
1. Install webserver (for ex: Install any of these webserver IIS, Apache, Tomcat)
2. Download Selenium Core
3. Working in Seleniumcore
Installation instruction of Selenium Remote Control(RC):
1. JDK 1.5 or greater version
2. Download Selenium Remote control
Tutorial on Selenium Remote Control
1. Introduction
2. working in command prompt
3. Selenium RC with multiple users
4. Integrating Selenium RC with Eclipse
1. Installing Eclipse
2. Configuring Eclipse with Selenium RC
5. Sample program
6.Supporting tools for Selenium RC (bromine, cubic test,etc..,)
7. Using Selenium RC with Multiple Users
Platforms supported