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937 Development Java Puzzlers - Traps, Pitfalls, And Corner Cases 1 file
Dec 31, 2011
Like many books, this one had a long gestation period. We've collected Java puzzles for as long as we've worked with the platform: since mid-1996, in case you're curious. In early 2001, we came up wit...  
936 Agile, Scrum Project Management for Agile Testing 3 file
Dec 23, 2011
Project Management for Agile Testing Today셲 Information Technology (IT) manager is under ever-increasing pressure to deliver results in the form of applications that drive improvements to the bott...  
935 Tool Robotium for Beginners Ebook 2 file
Dec 16, 2011
Robotium is a testing tool used to test wide range of applications on Android platform.  
934 DB Test Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes 1 file
Dec 14, 2011
Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes provides a no-fluff, just-the-answers guide to building and managing MySQL databases. It is carefully organized and thoughtfully written to provide just the informati...  
933 Test Manage The Complete Idiot's Guide to Project Management 5 file
Dec 09, 2011
Sunny and Kim Baker have been helping guide marketing and business-development projects for companies of all sizes since 1984. Their consulting company specializes in coordinating marketing programs, starting...  
932 Standard Software Quality Body of Knowledge (SQuBOK) 2 file
Dec 07, 2011
The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) established its Software Production Control Board (쏶PC Board) in 1980 in response to the application of quality management to software봧n s...  
931 DB Test Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming 2 file
Dec 02, 2011
Create dynamic client/server applications using PL/SQL and the comprehensive information contained in this authoritative volume. Expert Oracle insiders cover the features of PL/SQL, explain scripting ...  
930 DB Test Simply SQL 2 file
Nov 27, 2011
Packed with examples, Simply SQL is a step-by-step introduction to learning SQL. You'll discover how easy it is to use SQL to interact with best-practice, robust databases. Rather than bore you with...  
929 Development Java Persistence API (JPA) file
Nov 25, 2011
This book is meant to cover Java persistence, that is, storing stuff in the Java programming language to a persistent storage medium. Specifically using the Java Persistence API (JPA) to store Java objects ...  
928 Development Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 1 file
Nov 25, 2011
The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a revolutionary way to build Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) applications that are comparable in responsiveness and look and feel to desktop applications.  
927 General Test Strategies in Agile Projects 3 file
Nov 24, 2011
Test Strategies in Agile Projects  
926 Test Automate Apache JMeter: A practical beginner's guide to automated testing and performance measurement for your websites 10 file
Nov 23, 2011
Jmeter practical guide  
925 Development Starting Out with Python file
Nov 18, 2011
In Starting Out with PythonTM, Tony Gaddis evenly paced, accessible coverage introduces students to the basics of programming and prepares them to transition into more complicated languages. Python...  
924 Test Manage Principle & Patterns - Software Testing 9 file
Nov 16, 2011
Principle & Patterns - Software Testing The essentials of enduring software testing by Sudeepta Guchhait This book is written for the many thousands of people involved in planning, building, desi...  
923 DB Test SQl resource 1 file
Nov 10, 2011
SQl resource  
922 Development JSP Tomcat Beginners 1 file
Nov 06, 2011
As the majority of Java developers are only Web-tier developers; Java technologies like JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), and Apache Tomcat are mainly applicable and relevant to their needs...  
921 General A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification A Comprehensive Primer 3rd Edition 2 file
Nov 01, 2011
The exam for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform, Standard Edition 6, has changed considerably since the second edition of this book was published. The most noticeable change in the curr...  
920 Java Test Unit Testing in Java - How Tests Drive the Code file
Oct 29, 2011
This is a practical introduction to using automated unit tests and the test-first approach in your day-to-day software development. The author gives clear guidance on how to make tests work for you, and ...  
919 General Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management Essentials 4 file
Oct 28, 2011
Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management Essentials  
918 GUI, Usability Handbook of Usability Testing - How to Plan Design and Conduct Effective Tests 11 17 file
Oct 27, 2011
Handbook of Usability Testing - How to Plan Design and Conduct Effective Tests - 2nd edition Contents Acknowledgments xi Foreword xxix Preface to the Second Edition xxxiii Part One Usabil...  
917 General Software Testing And Quality Assurance 7 file
Oct 24, 2011
Software Testing And Quality Assurance  
916 Test Manage Beginners Guide to Software Testing 2 file
[Level:5]Avin G
Oct 19, 2011
1. TESTING. 1 2. TESTING TYPES.. 2 2.1Static Testing. 3 2.2Dynamic Testing. 4 3TESTING TECHNIQUES.. 5 3.1 White box Testing. X White Box Techniques.. X 3.1.1 Method Coverage. X ...  
915 Test Automate Software Testing Manual Guide 2011 1 file
[Level:5]Avin G
Oct 19, 2011
Complete Information about testing  
914 Tool Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010 9 file
Oct 19, 2011
Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010  
913 Performance Apache JMeter 15 file
Sep 22, 2011
Preface 1 Chapter 1: Automated Testing 7 Why Automate Testing? 8 To Automate or Not to Automate봖ome Hints 9 How Much Does it Cost? 12 Summary 13 Chapter 2: Introduction to JMeter 15 The Humble...  
912 General Regular Expressions Cookbook 1 file
Sep 20, 2011
This O'Reilly Cookbook provides more than a hundred recipes to help programmers use regular expressions to manipulate text and crunch data. Every programmer needs a grasp of regular expressions, but their...  
911 Web Test XML Demystified file
Sep 20, 2011
XML (Extensible Markup Language) is the language that enables efficient interchange of structured data across the Web. Written in non-technical language, this book covers the details of the language and d...  
910 Web Test HTML and XHTML The Definitive Guide 6Ed file
Aug 28, 2011
This title systematically presents HTML markup, beginning with the basics--such as the anatomy of an HTML document, text, and links--and proceeding to cascading style sheets, JavaScript, and XML. Along t...  
909 DB Test Oracle 10g complete reference file
Aug 26, 2011
Get thorough coverage of Oracle Database 10g from the most comprehensive reference available, published by Oracle Press. With in-depth details on all the new features, this powerhouse resource provides ...  
908 Development Programming C# 4.0 1 file
Aug 23, 2011
This bestselling tutorial shows you how to build web, desktop, and rich Internet applications using C# 4.0 with .NET's database capabilities, UI framework (WPF), extensive communication services (WCF), a...  
907 Development Application Architecture Guide v2 1 file
Aug 19, 2011
The guide is intended to help developers and solution architects design and build effective, high quality applications using the Microsoft platform and the .NET Framework more quickly and with less ...  
906 Requirement UML for the IT Business Analyst A Practical Guide to Object-Oriented Requirements Gathering 5 file
Aug 17, 2011
If you are novice and want to start your career as a Business Analyst (BA) , this book will become your Bible. An excellent and very easy to understand book to learn to write requirements with ...  
905 DB Test Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE file
Aug 14, 2011
Apress - Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE.  
904 DB Test Beginning SQL Queries. 8 file
Aug 14, 2011
Apress - Beginning SQL Queries.  
903 DB Test Oracle DBA on Unix and Linux 2 file
Aug 12, 2011
Oracle DBA on Unix and Linux / Michael Wessler  
902 General Manual Software Testing An Excellent Learning Resource for the Beginners 2 file
Aug 10, 2011
Manual Software Testing An Excellent Learning Resource for the Beginners The term software engineering Dennis [Dennis 1975]: Software engineering is the application of principles, skills, and art to...  
901 Java Test Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer's Notebook file
Aug 10, 2011
These are some of the e-books for java to get knowledge Java 5.0, code-named "Tiger", promises to be the most significant new version of Java since the introduction of the language. With over a hundred...  
900 General Asking the Right Questions, A Guide to Critical Thinking, 8th Ed 10 file
[Level:12]Bisaya SQA
Aug 09, 2011
Any of us who enjoy movies are curious about the content of the latest films. Should we go see them now, wait for them to show up at our preferred rental location, or avoid them altogether? Lots ...  
899 General Dealing With Problem Employees file
[Level:12]Bisaya SQA
Aug 09, 2011
Sooner or later, it happens even to the most conscientious employers. No matter how carefully they hire workers, how many incentives they give for strong performance or how diligently they try to ...  
898 General Conflict Management in Workplace 4 file
[Level:12]Bisaya SQA
Aug 09, 2011
Language for conflict or co-operation ?  Have you ever slammed a door in rage?  Are you inclined to avoid the issue?  Do you say 쁸ou should or 쁸ou never?  Do you get the boxing gloves o...  
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