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Total Articles 1,384
1304 GUI, Usability GUI-Tests-Selenium-Java 2 file
Jul 01, 2014
Test GUI with Selenium - Java  
1303 Test Automate Test Automation Using Selenium 3 file
Jul 01, 2014
Test Automation Using Selenium Guide  
1302 General Load Balancing Web Server 1 imagefile
Jun 30, 2014
1301 General Pagespeed-what why and how it works 1 imagefile
Jun 30, 2014
1300 Test Manage Managing the Testing Process, 3rd Edition file
Jun 25, 2014
In this new edition of his top-selling book, Rex Black walks you through the steps necessary to manage rigorous testing programs of hardware and software. The preeminent expert in his field, Mr. Black ...  
1299 General Object-Oriented Testing 1 file
Jun 25, 2014
Object-Oriented Testing  
1298 Test Automate .NET Test Automation Recipes file
Jun 25, 2014
If you develop, test, or manage .NET software, you will find .NET Test Automation Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach very useful. The book presents practical techniques for writing lightweight soft...  
1297 General Surevey experiment file
Jun 25, 2014
Survey experiment attached  
1296 General E commerce in 2014 file
Jun 25, 2014
The trend of online shopping is set to see greater heights in coming years, not just because of India셲 rising internet population, but also due to changes in the supporting ecosystem. Players have ...  
1295 Performance Performance Testing 2 file
Jun 23, 2014
This book is written by an experienced application performance specialist for the benefit of those who would like to become specialists or have started working at application performance testing.  
1294 General Teach yourself SQL file
Jun 23, 2014
Teach yourself SQL Part I: An SQL Concepts Overview HOUR 1 Welcome to the World of SQL ....................-....................-............... 1 Part II: Building Your Database HOUR 2 Defining Data ...  
1293 General FriendsofED.PHP.Object-Oriented.Solutions.Aug.2008 - David Powers imagefile
Jun 16, 2014
1292 General Beginning PHP 5.3 - Doyle, Matt imagefile
Jun 16, 2014
1291 General Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book, The - John Coggeshall & Marco Tabini imagefile
Jun 16, 2014
1290 General Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in Oracle Database 10g imagefile
Jun 09, 2014
1289 General Oreilly.Oracle.Essentials.4th.Edition.Nov.2007 - Rick Greenwald & Robert Stackowiak & Jonathan Stern imagefile
Jun 09, 2014
1288 Test Manage HP Quality Center Help Guide 1 file
Jun 06, 2014
Contents HP Quality Center-Installation. 2 HP ALM/QC Installation Steps: 2 Server requirements to Install HP ALM/QC. 5 Supported ALM Server Configurations. 6 Client Requirements: 6 R...  
1287 Test Manage Exam Preparatory 1 file
May 28, 2014
The CTAL-TM-UK practice exam is written and formatted by Certified Senior IT Professionals working in today's prospering companies and data centers all over the world! The CTAL-TM-UK Practice Test...  
1286 Test Manage Test Manager ISQTB file
May 28, 2014
This standard defines five types of software reviews, together with procedures required for the execution of each review type. This standard is concerned only with the reviews; it does not defin...  
1285 Performance LoadRunner-Functions 2 file
May 27, 2014
1284 General Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in Oracle Database 10g imagefile
May 26, 2014
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in Oracle Database 10g - Unknown.pdf  
1283 General Oracle PLSQL Programming A Developers Workbook imagefile
May 26, 2014
1282 General Oracle Essentials 4th Edition imagefile
May 26, 2014
1281 Web Test Manual testing 1 file
May 21, 2014
A good reference book for manual testing. This software testing eBook is helpful resource to understand software testing and quality assurance concepts. We tried to make this eBook simple to understand w...  
1280 General Beginning Oracle SQL 2 file
May 19, 2014
Contents at a Glance..........iii Contents............-.................iv About the Authors...........xv-ii Acknowledgments.....-......xix Introduction........-.............xxi Chapter 1: Relational Database Systems...  
1279 General SQL Reference Volume 1 Version 8.2 file
[Level:22]Sky Driver
May 19, 2014
This document contains proprietary information of IBM. It is provided under a license agreement and is protected by copyright law. The information contained in this publication does not include ...  
1278 General Oracle9i Database Administrator Guide file
[Level:22]Sky Driver
May 19, 2014
Part I Basic Database Administration 1 The Oracle Database Administrator Types of Oracle Users....... 1-2 Database Administrators......-....................-....... 1-2 Security Officers.......... 1-3 Network Adm...  
1277 Interview, FAQ Interview file
May 18, 2014
Interview question answers( java quiz.pdf c quiz.docx  
1276 Process six sigma self study guide file
May 13, 2014
six sigma self study guide  
1275 Risk Project risk management file
May 13, 2014
Project Risk Management The challenges and realities in applying effective software risk management processes are difficult, in particular integrating the risk management processes into software development o...  
1274 Interview, FAQ Android Interview Questions and Answers file
May 13, 2014
1. What is android? A.Android is a stack of software for mobile devices which has Operating System, middleware and some key applications. The application executes within its own process and its own ...  
1273 Metrics function point file
May 10, 2014
혲 Function Point Counting - Challenges 혲 Challenge #1: COTS - Reusable Components 혲 Challenge #2: Package Application 혲 Challenge #3: Enhancements of Packaged Applications 혲 Challenge #4: Interfacing...  
1272 General software and manual testing conceps file
May 08, 2014
manual and software testing concepts An Excellent Compilation of Software Testing Concepts(Manual Testing) By Narsi Reddy Read: Software testing and manual testing.pdf  
1271 General C interview question file
May 08, 2014
C interview question 1. What is Storage class? Explain with example? 2. what is qualifiers? 3. What are volatile variables? Where we should use? 4. What does the keyword const mean? What do the fol...  
1270 General DO 178B guidlines file
May 08, 2014
1) What is DO-178B? Ans: Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification is a guidance document that focuses on software processes and objectives to comply with in these processes. ...  
1269 General Introduction To Adhoc Testing file
May 07, 2014
Abstract봗his paper gives an introduction to Adhoc Testing. Adhoc testing is very useful technique in manual testing as well as automated testing. Some approaches are covered for Adhoc testing, which ...  
1268 DB Test Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes imagefile
May 05, 2014
Performance problems are rarely "problems" per se. They are more often "crises" during which you're pressured for results by a manager standing outside your cubicle while your phone rings with queries from ...  
1267 General istqb sample paper file
May 01, 2014
This is a Sample Exam. The objective is helping the candidates in their preparation for the real examination. It provides a set of questions whose format is similar to the full ISTQB Certified ...  
1266 General Software Testing Guide file
[Level:2]QA Leader / Manager / CQO
Apr 30, 2014
Software Testing Guide Book 1 1.The Software Testing Guide Book 6 Forward 6 About SofTReL 7 Purpose of this Document 7 Authors 8 Intended Audience 9 How to use this Document 9 What this Guide Book is not 9...  
1265 General VB Script for QTP file
Apr 29, 2014
The VB concept will help in QTP  
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