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1050 Standard The Applications Handbook: A Guide to Mastering the Modern Application Lifecycle file
Aug 03, 2012
The Applications Handbook A Guide to Mastering the Modern Application Lifecycle Brad Hipps Mark Sarbiewski Contributors: Roger Barlow, Irina Carrel, Manu Chadha, Tracy Dedore, Kelly Emo, Colin Flet...  
1049 General The Art of Software Testing (2nd Edition) 5 file
Jul 31, 2012
Provides a practical rather than theoretical discussion of the purpose and nature of software testing. Emphasizes methodologies for the design of effective test cases. Comprehensively covers psychological ...  
1048 Web Test Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging 1 file
Jul 19, 2012 link Description: This book teaches by example. It walks in detail through development of a sample application, illustrating each step via complete working code and either screenshots or cons...  
1047 Web Test Rails Test Prescriptions - February 2011 - EPUB file
Jul 19, 2012
See for the PDF version link What readers are saying about Rails Test Prescriptions This a must-have book for those new to testing ...  
1046 Web Test Rails Test Prescriptions - February 2011 - PDF file
Jul 19, 2012 link What readers are saying about Rails Test Prescriptions This a must-have book for those new to testing on a team that thinks, "We don셳 have time for testing," and for experienced devel...  
1045 General How Google Test Software (epub ebook) Part 2 of 2 7 file
Jul 19, 2012
For part 1 see: How Google Tests Software-2.epub  
1044 General How Google Test Software (epub ebook) Part 1 of 2 6 file
Jul 19, 2012
Due to max upload size of 10MB, I had to split this 19MB file into쟷o. OSX/Linux/Unix users can join them by issuing "cat part1 part2 > whole-book.epub" substituting the real file names for these pla...  
1043 Development Programming PHP file
Jul 19, 2012
Now, more than ever, the Web is a major vehicle for corporate and personal communications. Web sites carry photo albums, shopping carts, and product lists. Many of those web sites are driven by PHP...  
1042 Development Learning Perl 5th Edition file
Jul 19, 2012
Welcome to the Llama book! This is the fifth edition of a book that has been enjoyed by half a million readers since 1993. At least, we hope they셶e enjoyed it. It셲 a sure thing that we셶e e...  
1041 Development Web Developer's Guide 5 50 file
Jul 11, 2012
Microsoft's C# ("C sharp") is a modern, object-oriented programming language built from the ground up to exploit the power of XML-based Web services on Microsoft's new .NET platform. With its Visual C+...  
1040 Development Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET 4 file
Jul 11, 2012
Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns is the first complete, practical guide to leveraging patterns, domain-driven design, and test-driven development in .NET environments. Drawing on seminal wor...  
1039 Performance JMeter - User's Manual: Component Reference 2 file
Jul 11, 2012
Jmete,JMaterUserManu-al Results 18.4 Configuration Elements CSV Data Set Config FTP Request Defaults HTTP Authorization Manager HTTP Cache Manager HTTP Cookie Manager HTTP Request Defaults HTTP Header ...  
1038 General Smart Card Handbook 2 file
Jul 11, 2012
Thoroughly revised and updated, this book is the most important reference for people working in the fast-moving smart card industry. New sections on Java, digital signatures, SQL, and the new PC smart ...  
1037 Development Domain-Driven Design - Using Naked Objects file
Jul 11, 2012
In this book, Dan Haywood first gives you the tools to represent your domain as plain old Java objects, expressing business rules both declaratively and imperatively. Next, you'll learn the techniques ...  
1036 Development Object Thinking by David West file
Jul 11, 2012
In OBJECT THINKING, esteemed object technologist David West contends that the mindset makes the programmer봭ot the tools and techniques. Delving into the history, philosophy, and even politics of...  
1035 Test Automate SoapUIPRO : Web Services Functional Testing 6 file
Jul 09, 2012
In this guide you'll learn how to create a data driven test, add a data source, assert the data, and run the test. This feature is only available in soapUI Pro, so you should download soapUI Pro Tr...  
1034 Metrics Effective Metrics for Managing a Test Effort 5 file
Jul 09, 2012
Why Measure? Definition Metrics Philosophy Types of Metrics Interpreting the Results Metrics Case Study Q & A  
1033 Review, Analysis Software Error Detection through Testing and Analysis 3 file
Jul 02, 2012
An in-depth review of key techniques in software error detectionSoftware error detection is one of the most challenging problems in software engineering. Now, you can learn how to make the most ...  
1032 Requirement More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice 15 file
Jun 24, 2012
No matter how much instruction you've had on managing software requirements, there's no substitute for experience. Too often, lessons about requirements engineering processes lack the no-nonsense guidance...  
1031 General Software Quality Assurance SOPs for Healthcare Manufacturers 3 18 file
Jun 14, 2012
This work provides not only guidance for generating documents but also templates that can be used to establish the documentation for a software quality assurance program for healthcare manufacturers. Readers ...  
1030 Test Manage Mastering Software Quality Assurance: Best Practices, Tools and Techniques for Software Developers file
Jun 14, 2012
Mastering Software Quality Assurance is a comprehensive reference on quality assurance as it pertains to software development that addresses all four dimensions of quality. It explores a process-driven app...  
1029 Development Service Oriented Architecture Implementation Frameworks 1 file
[Level:1]Pham Thuong
Jun 14, 2012
Today's environment is rapidly changing. Business dynamics and technological innovations have left organizations with a disparate mix of operating systems, applications and databases. This makes it difficult,...  
1028 Standard Foundations of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification (PDF) 17 file
Jun 13, 2012
Your One-Stop Guide To Passing The ISTQB Foundation Level Exam Foundations of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification is your essential guide to software testing and the ISTQB Foundation qualificatio...  
1027 Test Automate [Ebook] Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools Beginner's Guide 24 file
Jun 03, 2012
The Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools Beginner's guide shows developers and testers how to create automated tests using a browser. You'll be able to create tests using Selenium IDE, Selenium Remote Control an...  
1026 Process Continuous Testing with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript 2 file
Jun 02, 2012
쏞ontinuous Testing with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript by Ben Rady and Rod Coffin (Pragmatic Programmers, 2011) link: rated 3.5/5 stars from 3 reviews. 1. Why Test Continuously? . . 1.1 What...  
1025 GUI, Usability Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby 1 file
Jun 02, 2012
Title : Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby (Pragmatic Programmers) Author : Ian Dees ISBN/ASIN : 1934356182 Publication Date : 2008-08-12 Publisher : Pragmatic Bookshelf Paperback : 192 pages lin...  
1024 Development The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers 4 file
Jun 02, 2012
"The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers" by Matt Wynne and Aslak Helles첩y (Pragmatic Programmers, 2012) link: rated 5/5 stars from 4 customer reviews. Table of...  
1023 Java Test JUnit in Action 1 file
Jun 02, 2012
PART 1 JUNIT ESSENTIALS ....................-....................-................ 1 1 뼚 JUnit jump-start 3 2 뼚 Exploring core JUnit 14 3 뼚 Mastering JUnit 25 4 뼚 Software testing principles 53 PAR...  
1022 Mobile, Embed Test-Driven-Development for Embedded C 2 file
Jun 02, 2012
I searched and couldn't find this posted yet so: "Test-Driven Development for Embedded C" by James W. Grenning (Pragmatic Programmers, April 2011) Table of Contents (minus some unimportant parts), follo...  
1021 General Picking Up Perl 2 file
[Level:1]Mohammed Ashfaq
May 31, 2012
This book is about learning to use Perl as a programming language, and not just a scripting language. This is the book that turns the Perl dabbler into the Perl programmer. This book has been created fo...  
1020 Test Automate Experiences of Test Automation Case studies of Software Test Automation 3 imagefile
May 31, 2012
Software test automation has moved beyond a luxury to become a necessity. Applications and systems have grown ever larger and more complex, and manual testing simply cannot keep up. As technology change...  
1019 Test Automate How to setup SilkTest tool 2 file
May 31, 2012
Silk Test Install Guide Presentation Transcript 1. Installation Guide SilkTest 2006 짰 Release 2 2. Borland Software Corporation 20450 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 800 Cupertino, California 95014 US...  
1018 Test Automate Silktest tool introduction in Vietnamese 1 file
May 31, 2012
줤lide gi沼쌻 thi沼뇎 v沼 SilkTest tool - Ti沼뇆 챠ch - C찼c lo梳죍 test - 휂梳톍 tr튼ng c퉤 b梳즢 - Ch沼쯢 n훱ng - Lo梳죍 file test SilkTest_gioithieu.p-pt  
1017 Unit Test Model-Based Software Testing and Analysis with C# 5 file
May 27, 2012
This book teaches new methods for specifying, analyzing, and testing software; essentials for creating high-quality software. These methods increase the automation in each of these steps, making them more ti...  
1016 Mobile, Embed Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook 3 file
May 19, 2012
Preface Chapter 1: Activities Introduction Declaring an activity Starting a new activity with an intent object Switching between activities Returning a result from an activity Storing an activit...  
1015 Web Test Testing Primer 6 file
May 18, 2012
Table of Contents INTRODUCTION.3 The Need for Testing3 Different Models of Software Development.4 Other Models of Software Development5 Testing in the Software Development Life Cycle7 CONC...  
1014 General An Introduction to General Systems Thinking 4 file
May 18, 2012
For more than twenty-five years, An Introduction to General Systems Thinking has been hailed as an innovative introduction to systems theory, with applications in computer science and beyond. Used ...  
1013 DB Test SQL SERVER 2008 Interview Questions and Answers 6 1 file
May 18, 2012
Interview is very important event for any person. A good interview leads to good career if candidate is willing to learn. I always enjoy interview questions and answers series. This is my very hum...  
1012 Test Automate Selenium Simplified - Automated Web Testing with Java and Selenium RC 17 file
May 18, 2012
The second edition of the book has been published. It will soon be available on amazon and all good book stores. If you have the first edition and are looking for downloads and errata then visit...  
1011 Process Test Planning & Process Guide 5 1
May 16, 2012
Test Planning & Process Guide  
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